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If you're a Nebraska fan who is already angry about the Cornhuskers' game with Wisconsin being canceled last weekend, you should probably stop reading this now. As I wrote about here last week, and as was seen in the rankings, The Bottom 25 is very much out of whack with so many teams playing a different number of games.

When the Big Ten and Mountain West began play before last week's rankings, nearly every team that lost its opener joined us in The Bottom 25. Not because they were that bad necessarily, but because of such a small sample size not allowing them time to balance out the numbers. Well, everybody in the Big Ten and Mountain West (except Colorado State and New Mexico) added a second game to their sample last week. Win or lose, things evened out a bit for those teams.

Nebraska did not get that chance. So while Nebraska was forced to sit at home twiddling its thumbs, it also climbed higher in our rankings this week. How far? Well, it was at No. 6 last week, so it could only go so high.

To the rankings!

No Longer Ranked: Duke (23), Ole Miss (22), Michigan State (17), Fresno State (14), Wyoming (13), Rice (11), Maryland (4)