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It happened again. With both the MAC and Pac-12 getting underway last week, The Bottom 25 has once again been thrown out of sync. Just as when the Big Ten and Mountain West joined the fray a few weeks ago, throwing in 20 new teams who have played one game into the mix wreaks havoc on the overall rankings, and leads to volatility.

This is, temporarily at least, good news for our teams that had been hanging around The Bottom 10 all season long. It's a bit of a respite, but as those teams have already seen, things balance out once the newcomers start playing and the cream truly drops to the bottom.

Also, with so many games being postponed last week, I have made the official decision that only teams who have played a minimum of four games will qualify for The Bottom 25 Playoff this season. I hope this decision doesn't lead to teams trying to break the rules and play through, but that's the risk I have to take for the playoff's integrity.

No Longer Ranked: Georgia Tech (24); Middle Tennessee (23); East Carolina (22); Mississippi State (18); Iowa (13); Minnesota (7); Colorado State (5)