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NFL Daily Transactions

Last updated: Sat, September 5, 2015, 01:41 EDT
Friday, September 4, 2015
Arizona CardinalsMatt Barkleytraded from Eagles, for conditional 7th-round pick in 2016
Atlanta FalconsAndy Levitretraded from Titans, for two future draft picks
Atlanta FalconsKevin Whitecut
Atlanta FalconsJared Smithcut
Atlanta FalconsJake Rodgerscut
Atlanta FalconsTerrell Manningcut
Atlanta FalconsSean Bakercut
Atlanta FalconsCliff Matthewscut
Atlanta FalconsRex Grossmancut
Atlanta FalconsT.J. Yatescut
Baltimore RavensBlaine Clausellcut
Baltimore RavensDaniel Browncut
Baltimore RavensAndrew Bosecut
Baltimore RavensTom Nelsoncut
Baltimore RavensQuinton Pointercut
Buffalo BillsLeodis McKelvinreserve/non-football-injury, right ankle
Buffalo BillsDezmin Lewiscut
Buffalo BillsDeonte Thompsoncut
Buffalo BillsCierre Woodcut
Buffalo BillsMatt Simmscut
Buffalo BillsTobais Palmercut
Buffalo BillsMerrill Noelcut
Buffalo BillsBJ Larsencut
Buffalo BillsAlex Kuppercut
Buffalo BillsDarryl Johnsoncut
Buffalo BillsBronson Hillcut
Buffalo BillsQuentin Grovescut
Buffalo BillsAndre Fluellencut
Buffalo BillsIK Enemkpalicut
Buffalo BillsAndre Daviscut
Buffalo BillsJohn Connercut
Buffalo BillsWilliam Campbellcut
Buffalo BillsCyril Richardsoncut
Indianapolis ColtsDeveron Carrcut
Indianapolis ColtsDonald Celiscarcut
Indianapolis ColtsSio Mooretraded from Raiders, for 6th round pick in 2016
Indianapolis ColtsDeveron CarrTaken off IR, undisclosed
Indianapolis ColtsDonald CeliscarTaken off IR, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsNeal Sterlingcut
Jacksonville JaguarsBen Koyackcut
Jacksonville JaguarsStorm Johnsoncut
Jacksonville JaguarsJeremy Harriscut
Jacksonville JaguarsStephen Morriscut
Jacksonville JaguarsRichard Ashcut
Jacksonville JaguarsCamaron Beardcut
Jacksonville JaguarsCap Capicut
Jacksonville JaguarsKasey Closscut
Jacksonville JaguarsWill Corbincut
Jacksonville JaguarsConnor Hamlettcut
Jacksonville JaguarsIkponmwosa Igbinosuncut
Jacksonville JaguarsErik Loracut
Jacksonville JaguarsChris Reedcut
Jacksonville JaguarsRashaad Reynoldscut
Jacksonville JaguarsTodd Thomascut
Jacksonville JaguarsPeyton Thompsoncut
Jacksonville JaguarsTony Washingtoncut
New England PatriotsJake BequetteTaken off IR, undisclosed
New England PatriotsTony Creecycut
New England PatriotsJake Bequettecut
New England PatriotsJustin Colemansigned from Vikings
New England PatriotsCasey Walkercut
New England PatriotsA.J. Pataiali'icut
New England PatriotsJames Morriscut
New England PatriotsChris Martincut
New England PatriotsRyan Lindleycut
New England PatriotsCaylin Hauptmanncut
New England PatriotsRyan Groycut
New England PatriotsDaVaris Danielscut
New England PatriotsZach D'Oraziocut
New York GiantsSteve Weatherfordcut
New York GiantsBrad Wingtraded from Steelers, for conditional 7th-round pick in 2016
Pittsburgh SteelersNiko DavisTaken off IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersNiko Daviscut
San Francisco 49ersPatrick Millercut
San Francisco 49ersCraig Dahlcut
San Francisco 49ersPhilip Wheelercut
San Francisco 49ersDarnell Dockettcut
San Francisco 49ersIssac Blakeneycut
San Francisco 49ersJoe Looneycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKhaseem Greenecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersChris Hackettcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTavarres Kingcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Dixoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSeth Lobatocut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersPatrick Omamehcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersConnor Barthcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDa'Quan Bowerscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLarry Deancut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersPatrick Murraycut
Tennessee TitansAndy Studebakercut
Tennessee TitansZach Borencut
Tennessee TitansRi'Shard Andersoncut
Tennessee TitansGabe Ikardcut
Tennessee TitansKhalid Wootencut
Tennessee TitansJemea Thomascut
Tennessee TitansKaelin Burnettcut
Tennessee TitansJosh Stewartcut
Tennessee TitansIsaako Aaituicut
Thursday, September 3, 2015
Carolina PanthersMelvin Whitecut
Carolina PanthersMelvin WhiteTaken off IR, hamstring
Denver BroncosT.J. Wardsuspended, 1 game (NFL Personal Coduct Policy)
Seattle SeahawksBrandon CottomTaken off IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksBrandon Cottomcut
Tennessee TitansYannik Cudjoe-VirgilTaken off IR, hamstring
Tennessee TitansAndrew TurzilliTaken off IR, ankle
Tennessee TitansYannik Cudjoe-Virgilcut
Tennessee TitansAndrew Turzillicut
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Atlanta FalconsBernard Reedycut
Atlanta FalconsEric Lefeldsigned
Baltimore RavensSteven Meanscut
Baltimore RavensSteven MeansTaken off IR, groin
Buffalo BillsTyson ChandlerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Carolina PanthersDerek Andersonre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2017)
Carolina PanthersDavonte WallacePlaced on IR, concussion
Carolina PanthersMelvin WhitePlaced on IR, hamstring
Chicago BearsKhari Leetraded from Texans, for 6th round pick in 2017
Chicago BearsBlake Annencut
Cincinnati BengalsOnterio McCalebbPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Cleveland BrownsLuke LundyPlaced on IR, concussion
Dallas CowboysKenneth BoatrightPlaced on IR, neck, back
Dallas CowboysR.J. DillPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Dallas CowboysMichael HillPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Green Bay PackersJimmie HuntPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Green Bay PackersJavess BluePlaced on IR, shoulder
Houston TexansAnthony DenhamPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Houston TexansTerrance ParksPlaced on IR, hamstring
Jacksonville JaguarsGreg JenkinsTaken off IR, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsMatt DanielsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsGreg Jenkinscut
Jacksonville JaguarsConnor Hamlettsigned
Kansas City ChiefsTavon RooksPlaced on IR, illness
Kansas City ChiefsJunior HemingwayPlaced on IR, hip
Miami DolphinsTommy Streetercut
Miami DolphinsTommy StreeterTaken off IR, undisclosed
Minnesota VikingsMike KafkaPlaced on IR, hamstring
New Orleans SaintsRonald PowellPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New Orleans SaintsNick ToonPlaced on IR, high ankle sprain
New Orleans SaintsVinnie SunseriPlaced on IR, knee
New York GiantsChris Boswellsigned
New York GiantsBrandon MosleyPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New York GiantsAkeem HuntPlaced on IR, hamstring
New York JetsDashaun PhillipsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Oakland RaidersLorenzo Alexandersigned from Cardinals
Oakland RaidersHorace Millercut
Pittsburgh SteelersNiko DavisPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersRay HamiltonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersCameron ClearPlaced on IR, knee
San Diego ChargersChris DavisPlaced on IR, concussion
San Diego ChargersMelvin MeggsPlaced on IR, foot
San Diego ChargersGordon HillPlaced on IR, knee
San Diego ChargersTorrence AllenPlaced on IR, foot
St. Louis RamsKorey ToomerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
St. Louis RamsBrad SmelleyPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJosh AllenPlaced on IR, ankle
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRobert HerronPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLeonard JohnsonPlaced on IR, ankle
Washington RedskinsTony Jonescut
Washington RedskinsTony JonesTaken off IR, undisclosed
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Arizona CardinalsTravis HarveyPlaced on IR, hamstring
Arizona CardinalsRobert Crispcut
Atlanta FalconsPeter Konzcut
Atlanta FalconsEvan Roystercut
Atlanta FalconsEvan RoysterTaken off IR, undisclosed
Baltimore RavensChris GreenwoodTaken off IR, hamstring
Baltimore RavensChris Greenwoodcut
Baltimore RavensDarryl Baldwincut
Baltimore RavensDe'Ondre Wesleycut
Baltimore RavensDennis PittaPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, hip
Buffalo BillsDalton Freemanacquired from waivers from Jets
Buffalo BillsAustin WillisPlaced on IR, concussion
Buffalo BillsJimmy Gainescut
Buffalo BillsKevin Reddickacquired from waivers from Panthers
Carolina PanthersDe'Andre Presleycut
Carolina PanthersMicanor Regiscut
Carolina PanthersRobert Lestercut
Carolina PanthersKenny Horsleycut
Carolina PanthersJarrett Boykincut
Carolina PanthersKelvin BenjaminPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
Chicago BearsZac Dysertacquired from waivers from Broncos
Chicago BearsSenorise PerryPlaced on IR, foot
Chicago BearsLucas Nixcut
Chicago BearsShane Cardencut
Chicago BearsGannon Sinclairacquired from waivers from Cardinals
Chicago BearsJohn ChilesPlaced on IR, concussion
Cincinnati BengalsMark WeismanPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Cincinnati BengalsCedric Ogbuehireserve/non-football-injury, torn ACL
Cincinnati BengalsSean PorterPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, torn right ACL
Cleveland BrownsConnor ShawPlaced on IR, right thumb surgery
Cleveland BrownsMichael BowiePlaced on IR, left shoulder
Cleveland BrownsIshmaa'ily Kitchencut
Cleveland BrownsGlenn Winstonreserve/non-football-injury, arthroscopic knee surgery
Cleveland BrownsPhil Taylorcut
Cleveland BrownsIfo Ekpre-Olomureserve/non-football-injury, knee
Cleveland BrownsRandall Telferreserve/non-football-injury, foot
Cleveland BrownsCarey Spearcut
Dallas CowboysOrlando ScandrickPlaced on IR, torn right ACL, MCL
Dallas CowboysBrandon Bardencut
Dallas CowboysDavid Portercut
Dallas CowboysAntwan Goodleycut
Dallas CowboysJonathan Browncut
Dallas CowboysMark Nzeochareserve/non-football-injury, torn ACL
Dallas CowboysChaz GreenPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, hip
Denver BroncosDanny Masoncut
Denver BroncosDan Lightcut
Denver BroncosNathan Palmercut
Detroit LionsJacob Maxwellcut
Detroit LionsJustin Cheroccicut
Detroit LionsAndrew Peacockcut
Green Bay PackersJordy NelsonPlaced on IR, torn right ACL
Green Bay PackersMatt Blanchardcut
Green Bay PackersHarold Spearscut
Green Bay PackersAdrian Hubbardcut
Green Bay PackersKyle Sebeticcut
Green Bay PackersJames Butlercut
Houston TexansReshard CliettPlaced on IR, knee
Houston TexansAaron Adamscut
Houston TexansJason Ankrahcut
Houston TexansAlan Bonnercut
Houston TexansJace Daviscut
Houston TexansWill Johnsoncut
Houston TexansDavid Quessenberryreserve/non-football-injury, lymphoma
Houston TexansCam McLeodcut
Houston TexansCody Whitecut
Houston TexansBryan Witzmanncut
Houston TexansChris Neildcut
Houston TexansJeff Tarpiniancut
Houston TexansTravis Labhartcut
Indianapolis ColtsDonald CeliscarPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Indianapolis ColtsDeveron CarrPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsGreg JenkinsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Kansas City ChiefsTyler Brayreserve/non-football-injury, torn left ACL
Kansas City ChiefsJustin MarchPlaced on IR, knee
Miami DolphinsDemitrius Bronsoncut
Miami DolphinsBrandon Fieldscut
Minnesota VikingsCarter BykowskiPlaced on IR, torn pectoral muscle
New England PatriotsJalen Saunderstraded from Saints, for conditional draft pick in 2018
New England PatriotsDaVaris Danielsacquired from waivers from Vikings
New England PatriotsJonathan KrausePlaced on IR, undisclosed
New England PatriotsJosh BoycePlaced on IR, undisclosed
New England PatriotsDane FletcherPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, undisclosed
New England PatriotsD.J. Lynchcut
New England PatriotsDarryl RobertsPlaced on IR, wrist
New England PatriotsJames DevelinPlaced on IR, fractured right fibia
New England PatriotsChris JonesPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, undisclosed
New England PatriotsChris Barkercut
New Orleans SaintsP.J. WilliamsPlaced on IR, torn hamstring
New Orleans SaintsAnthony SpencerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New Orleans SaintsSammy Seamsteracquired from waivers from Dolphins
New Orleans SaintsErik Lorigcut
New Orleans SaintsChris Youngcut
New Orleans SaintsMarkus Pierce-Brewstercut
New Orleans SaintsLance Lewiscut
New Orleans SaintsCole Manhartcut
New Orleans SaintsTravis Manningcut
New Orleans SaintsAntonio Johnsoncut
New Orleans SaintsDavid Huntercut
New Orleans SaintsR.J. Harriscut
New Orleans SaintsTerrence Frederickcut
New York GiantsJustin Halleycut
New York GiantsJimmy Statencut
New York GiantsWill Tyecut
New York GiantsMichael Bamirocut
New York GiantsWill BeattyPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, torn pectoral
New York GiantsEric Hermancut
New York GiantsJuron Crinercut
New York GiantsBennett JacksonPlaced on IR, torn right ACL
New York GiantsJordan Stantoncut
New York GiantsRobert Malonecut
New York GiantsDerrick Johnsoncut
New York GiantsJosh GordyPlaced on IR, hip
New York JetsJace AmaroPlaced on IR, torn labrum
New York JetsKevin VickersonPlaced on IR, hamstring
Oakland RaidersMenelik WatsonPlaced on IR, torn Achilles
Oakland RaidersSteven Clarkcut
Oakland RaidersRob Danielcut
Oakland RaidersCody Fajardocut
Oakland RaidersJosh Harpercut
Oakland RaidersLamar Madycut
Oakland RaidersJimmy Hallcut
Oakland RaidersKenbrell Thompkinscut
Oakland RaidersMilton Williams IIIcut
Oakland RaidersJames Dockerycut
Oakland RaidersRas-I Dowlingcut
Oakland RaidersTrindon Hollidaycut
Oakland RaidersTrent Richardsoncut
Philadelphia EaglesJaCorey ShepherdPlaced on IR, torn right ACL
Philadelphia EaglesKevin Monangaicut
Philadelphia EaglesEmmanuel Achocut
San Diego ChargersBrock HekkingPlaced on IR, foot
Seattle SeahawksBrandon CottomPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksTriston WadePlaced on IR, undisclosed
St. Louis RamsKeshaun Malonecut
St. Louis RamsDoug Worthingtoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMichael Koenencut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAkeem SpencePlaced on the physically unable to perform list, back
Tennessee TitansToby Johnsoncut
Tennessee TitansTevin Westbrookcut
Tennessee TitansYannik Cudjoe-VirgilPlaced on IR, hamstring
Tennessee TitansAndrew TurzilliPlaced on IR, ankle
Tennessee TitansJosh Aubreycut
Washington RedskinsTony JonesPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Monday, August 31, 2015
Arizona CardinalsShaq Richardsoncut
Arizona CardinalsDave Zastudilcut
Arizona CardinalsDarren Woodardcut
Arizona CardinalsRyan Spadolacut
Arizona CardinalsGannon Sinclaircut
Arizona CardinalsLorenzo Alexandercut
Arizona CardinalsAndrae Kirkcut
Arizona CardinalsEdwin Jacksoncut
Arizona CardinalsNate Islescut
Arizona CardinalsGlenn Carsoncut
Atlanta FalconsJonathon Mincycut
Baltimore RavensAldrick Robinsoncut
Baltimore RavensSteven MeansPlaced on IR, groin
Baltimore RavensChris GreenwoodPlaced on IR, hamstring
Baltimore RavensMatt ElamPlaced on IR, biceps
Baltimore RavensDarryl Baldwinreserve/non-football-injury
Baltimore RavensMarcel Jonescut
Baltimore RavensTrent Steelmancut
Baltimore RavensPatrick Scalescut
Baltimore RavensAllen ReisnerPlaced on IR, ankle
Baltimore RavensJustin Mantoncut
Baltimore RavensTramain Jacobscut
Baltimore RavensDeAndre Cartercut
Baltimore RavensLeon Browncut
Buffalo BillsCedric Reedcut
Buffalo BillsRicky Sealecut
Buffalo BillsRoss Cockrellcut
Buffalo BillsJustin Hamiltoncut
Buffalo BillsMichael Buchanancut
Buffalo BillsFred Jacksoncut
Buffalo BillsD.J. Morrellcut
Buffalo BillsAndrew Hudsoncut
Buffalo BillsCam ThomasPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, undisclosed
Buffalo BillsTerren Jonescut
Buffalo BillsEllis Lankstercut
Buffalo BillsKenny Ladlercut
Buffalo BillsWes Millercut
Carolina PanthersKevin Norwoodtraded from Seahawks, for conditional draft pick in 2017
Cincinnati BengalsDenarius Moorecut
Cincinnati BengalsDesmond Lawrencecut
Cincinnati BengalsNico Johnsoncut
Cincinnati BengalsSam Montgomerycut
Cincinnati BengalsChris Jaspersecut
Cincinnati BengalsTevin Reesecut
Cincinnati BengalsKwame Geatherscut
Cincinnati BengalsJohn Peterscut
Cleveland BrownsMoise Fokoucut
Cleveland BrownsEverette Browncut
Cleveland BrownsShane Wynncut
Cleveland BrownsAnthony Ezeakunnecut
Cleveland BrownsAaron Rosscut
Cleveland BrownsJalen Parmelecut
Dallas CowboysRay VinopalTaken off IR, ankle
Dallas CowboysTom Hornseycut
Dallas CowboysCasey Kreitercut
Dallas CowboysRobert Steeplescut
Dallas CowboysPhil Batescut
Dallas CowboysCarlif Taylorcut
Dallas CowboysRay Vinopalcut
Denver BroncosReggie Walkercut
Denver BroncosTevrin Brandoncut
Denver BroncosAndre Daviscut
Denver BroncosJoe Don Duncancut
Denver BroncosZac Dysertcut
Denver BroncosSpencer Lanningcut
Denver BroncosRoss Madisoncut
Denver BroncosJake Murphycut
Denver BroncosJeremy Stewartcut
Denver BroncosChase Vaughncut
Denver BroncosJeff HeuermanPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
Detroit LionsChris OwensPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Detroit LionsTim Wrighttraded from Buccaneers, for K Kyle Brindza
Detroit LionsDeon Butlercut
Detroit LionsRyan Broylescut
Detroit LionsGarrett Gilbertcut
Detroit LionsErik Williamscut
Detroit LionsDesmond Martincut
Detroit LionsRoy Philoncut
Detroit LionsJocquel Skinnercut
Detroit LionsR.J. Stanfordcut
Detroit LionsVernon Johnsoncut
Green Bay PackersJosh Franciscut
Green Bay PackersLavon Hookscut
Green Bay PackersVince Kowalskicut
Green Bay PackersTavarus Dantzlercut
Green Bay PackersFabbians Ebbelecut
Houston TexansChris Clarktraded from Broncos, for 7th round pick in 2016
Indianapolis ColtsTevin MitchelPlaced on IR, torn labrum left shoulder
Indianapolis ColtsDonald Thomascut
Indianapolis ColtsHarland Gunncut
Indianapolis ColtsNick Haagcut
Indianapolis ColtsZack Hodgescut
Indianapolis ColtsTyler Hoovercut
Indianapolis ColtsBrandon Vitabilecut
Indianapolis ColtsJeris Pendletoncut
Indianapolis ColtsEzell Ruffincut
Indianapolis ColtsJustin Shirkcut
Indianapolis ColtsJustin Sinzcut
Indianapolis ColtsAbou Tourecut
Indianapolis ColtsRyan Lankfordcut
New England PatriotsJimmay Mundinecut
New England PatriotsJoe Vellanocut
New England PatriotsDekoda Watsoncut
New York GiantsVictor Butlercut
New York GiantsStevie Brownsigned from Texans
Pittsburgh SteelersSenquez GolsonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersIan Wildcut
Pittsburgh SteelersMartavis Bryantsuspended, 4 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
Pittsburgh SteelersJosh Scobeetraded from Jaguars, for 6th round pick in 2016
Pittsburgh SteelersMike AdamsPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, back
Pittsburgh SteelersMiles Dieffenbachcut
Pittsburgh SteelersKenzel Doecut
Pittsburgh SteelersC.J. Goodwincut
Pittsburgh SteelersBraylon Heardcut
Pittsburgh SteelersJoe Krugercut
Pittsburgh SteelersJoe Okaforcut
Pittsburgh SteelersCollin Rahrigcut
Pittsburgh SteelersJordan Sullencut
Pittsburgh SteelersKevin Whimpeycut
Pittsburgh SteelersGarrett HartleyPlaced on IR, undisclosed
San Francisco 49ersCorey Acostacut
San Francisco 49ersDaniel KilgorePlaced on the physically unable to perform list, left leg surgery
San Francisco 49ersDeAndre Smelterreserve/non-football-injury, torn left ACL
San Francisco 49ersDesmond BishopPlaced on IR, left thumb surgery
San Francisco 49ersDres AndersonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
San Francisco 49ersSteve Beauharnaiscut
San Francisco 49ersShawn Lemoncut
San Francisco 49ersSean Hooeycut
San Francisco 49ersMario Hullcut
San Francisco 49ersChuck Jacobscut
San Francisco 49ersNigel Kingcut
San Francisco 49ersLawrence Okoyecut
San Francisco 49ersTrey Millardcut
San Francisco 49ersMylan Hickscut
Seattle SeahawksPaul RichardsonPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
Seattle SeahawksJeremy LanePlaced on IR, broken left arm
Seattle SeahawksD'Anthony Smithcut
Seattle SeahawksLemuel Jeanpierrecut
Seattle SeahawksTy Zimmermancut
Seattle SeahawksGreg Scruggscut
Seattle SeahawksQuayshawn Nealycut
Seattle SeahawksKeelan Johnsoncut
Seattle SeahawksDeontay Greenberrycut
Seattle SeahawksDeshon Foxxcut
Seattle SeahawksJesse Daviscut
Seattle SeahawksGeorge Farmercut
St. Louis RamsDavid Wangcut
St. Louis RamsTyler Slavincut
St. Louis RamsMichael Palardycut
St. Louis RamsTyler Ottcut
St. Louis RamsE.J. GainesPlaced on IR, foot
St. Louis RamsImoan Claibornecut
St. Louis RamsTravis Bondcut
St. Louis RamsSteven Bakercut
St. Louis RamsDamian Williamscut
St. Louis RamsJay Hughescut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKyle Brindzatraded from Lions, for TE Tim Wright
Tennessee TitansChaz Suttoncut
Washington RedskinsJunior GalettePlaced on IR, torn left Achilles
Washington RedskinsErnst Bruncut
Washington RedskinsDyshawn Daviscut
Washington RedskinsChase Dixoncut
Washington RedskinsTajh Hassoncut
Washington RedskinsAlonzo Highsmithcut
Washington RedskinsBryan McCanncut
Washington RedskinsTy Longcut
Washington RedskinsDevin Mahinacut
Washington RedskinsBryce Quigleycut
Washington RedskinsWillie Smithcut
Washington RedskinsTrey Wolfecut
Washington RedskinsDrequan Hoskeycut
Sunday, August 30, 2015
Atlanta FalconsBoris Anyamacut
Atlanta FalconsMarquez Clarkcut
Atlanta FalconsMichael Fordcut
Atlanta FalconsJohn Harriscut
Atlanta FalconsWarren Herringcut
Atlanta FalconsDerrick Hopkinscut
Atlanta FalconsLamar HolmesPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, broken right foot
Atlanta FalconsMichael Leecut
Atlanta FalconsEric Lefeldcut
Atlanta FalconsSam Meredithcut
Atlanta FalconsValerian Ume-Ezeokecut
Atlanta FalconsMickey Shulercut
Atlanta FalconsMatt Huffercut
Carolina PanthersAvius Caperscut
Carolina PanthersPaul Browningcut
Carolina PanthersTony Hillscut
Carolina PanthersMatt Wilecut
Carolina PanthersLee Wardcut
Carolina PanthersDallas Walkercut
Carolina PanthersKevin Reddickcut
Carolina PanthersSteve Millercut
Chicago BearsOlsen Pierrecut
Chicago BearsChris Pantalecut
Chicago BearsTim Jenningscut
Chicago BearsDaniel Thomascut
Chicago BearsLevi Norwoodcut
Chicago BearsRick Lovatocut
Chicago BearsAl Louis-Jeancut
Chicago BearsJeremy Kelleycut
Chicago BearsCameron Jeffersoncut
Chicago BearsKevin WhitePlaced on the physically unable to perform list, leg stress fracture
Chicago BearsMalcolm Bronsoncut
Chicago BearsRyan MundyPlaced on IR, hip
Chicago BearsKevin Greenecut
Kansas City ChiefsKenny Cookcut
Kansas City ChiefsAnthony Dimacut
Kansas City ChiefsAndrew Eastcut
Kansas City ChiefsAaron Hestercut
Kansas City ChiefsVaughn Martincut
Kansas City ChiefsL'Damian Washingtoncut
Kansas City ChiefsMarcus Reedcut
Kansas City ChiefsAdam Schiltzcut
Kansas City ChiefsJeret Smithcut
Kansas City ChiefsCharles Tuaaucut
Kansas City ChiefsKenneth Pennycut
Miami DolphinsPhillip Thomascut
Miami DolphinsSammy Seamstercut
Miami DolphinsGerell Robinsoncut
Miami DolphinsKendall Montgomerycut
Miami DolphinsTyler McDonaldcut
Miami DolphinsJ.D. Waltoncut
Miami DolphinsKevin Conecut
Miami DolphinsLaRon Byrdcut
Miami DolphinsBryant Browningcut
Miami DolphinsCalvin Barnettcut
Miami DolphinsRay Drewcut
Minnesota VikingsDeMarcus Van Dykecut
Minnesota VikingsChrishon Rosecut
Minnesota VikingsCaesar Rayfordcut
Minnesota VikingsJordan Lesliecut
Minnesota VikingsJosh Kadducut
Minnesota VikingsStephen Goodincut
Minnesota VikingsDaVaris Danielscut
Minnesota VikingsJustin Colemancut
Minnesota VikingsJalil Cartercut
Minnesota VikingsJoe Banyardcut
Minnesota VikingsBrandon Bostickcut
New York JetsJavier Arenascut
New York JetsJames Brewercut
New York JetsCurtis Browncut
New York JetsDalton Freemancut
New York JetsT.J. Grahamcut
New York JetsJonathon Rumphcut
New York JetsAustin Hillcut
New York JetsBryan Johnsoncut
New York JetsMatt LaCossecut
New York JetsKeith Lewiscut
New York JetsDeVier Poseycut
New York JetsSaalim Hakimcut
Philadelphia EaglesMarc Anthonycut
Philadelphia EaglesBrandan Bishopcut
Philadelphia EaglesMike Cocciacut
Philadelphia EaglesKevin Grafcut
Philadelphia EaglesAlfy Hillcut
Philadelphia EaglesJared Wheelercut
Philadelphia EaglesG.J. Kinnecut
Philadelphia EaglesDasman McCullumcut
Philadelphia EaglesJosh Reesecut
Philadelphia EaglesJeremy Townscut
Philadelphia EaglesJustin Tukescut
Philadelphia EaglesMike Johnsoncut
San Diego ChargersJahwan Edwardscut
San Diego ChargersCurtis Grantcut
San Diego ChargersForrestal Hickmancut
San Diego ChargersDave Paulsoncut
San Diego ChargersChase Rettigcut
San Diego ChargersLuther Robinsoncut
San Diego ChargersLogan Stokescut
San Diego ChargersManuel Asprillacut
San Diego ChargersCameron Botticellicut
San Diego ChargersTitus Daviscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDominique Browncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJamal Youngcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGeorge Ukocut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAl-Hajj Shabazzcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKarl Schmitzcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKimario McFaddencut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Hartsoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAntoine Everettcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersQuayshawne Buckleycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJoey Iosefacut
Tennessee TitansFernando Velascocut
Tennessee TitansMike Meyercut
Tennessee TitansJustin McCraycut
Tennessee TitansDerrick Lottcut
Tennessee TitansNate Askewcut
Tennessee TitansTebucky Jonescut
Tennessee TitansDezmond Johnsoncut
Tennessee TitansWill Browncut
Tennessee TitansDeon Longcut
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Arizona CardinalsRoss Weavercut
Atlanta FalconsJulio Jonesre-signed, Five-year extension (through 2020)
Houston TexansStevie Browncut
Jacksonville JaguarsDante Fowler Jr.Placed on IR, torn left ACL
Jacksonville JaguarsJosh WellsPlaced on IR, thumb
Jacksonville JaguarsBrennan WilliamsTaken off IR, left knee
Jacksonville JaguarsKasey Redferncut
Jacksonville JaguarsJack Rummellscut
Jacksonville JaguarsJeff Tuelcut
Jacksonville JaguarsBrennan Williamscut
Jacksonville JaguarsMister Alexandercut
Jacksonville JaguarsCody Boothcut
Jacksonville JaguarsTommie Campbellcut
Jacksonville JaguarsDesmond Coopercut
Jacksonville JaguarsEric Crumecut
Jacksonville JaguarsTandon Dosscut
Jacksonville JaguarsKhairi Forttcut
Jacksonville JaguarsConnor Hamlettcut
Oakland RaidersJonathan Dowlingcut
Friday, August 28, 2015
Denver BroncosDan Lightsigned
Denver BroncosSolomon Pattoncut
New England PatriotsJake BequettePlaced on IR, undisclosed
New York GiantsTony JohnsonTaken off IR, sprained knee
New York GiantsTony Johnsoncut
Oakland RaidersQuinterrius Eatmoncut
Pittsburgh SteelersRoss ScheuermanTaken off IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersRoss Scheuermancut
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Atlanta FalconsEvan RoysterPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Baltimore RavensWill Hill IIIre-signed, One-year extension (through 2016)
Cleveland BrownsPat Devlinsigned from Bears
Cleveland BrownsRyan Seymourcut
Green Bay PackersJames Butlersigned
Green Bay PackersLetroy Guionsuspended, 3 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
New England PatriotsAntonio Johnsoncut
New England PatriotsMark Aspercut
New England PatriotsCameron Gordoncut
New York JetsJake Heapscut
New York JetsJosh Johnsonsigned from Bengals
Oakland RaidersChase WilliamsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersOrie Lemoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersConnor Barthsigned from Broncos
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Bogotaycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Hartsonsigned from Steelers

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