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NFL Daily Transactions

Last updated: Mon, September 1, 2014, 20:36 EDT
Monday, September 1, 2014
Atlanta FalconsKyle Millerpractice squad addition from Dolphins
Atlanta FalconsFreddie Martinopractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensMarcel Jonespractice squad addition from Saints
Buffalo BillsLonnie Pryorpractice squad addition from Buccaneers
Buffalo BillsD.J. Morrellpractice squad addition from Rams
Chicago BearsJeremy Cainsigned from Buccaneers
Chicago BearsRyan Groypractice squad addition
Chicago BearsBrandon Hartsoncut
Chicago BearsJosh Bellamypractice squad addition
Chicago BearsTaylor Boggspractice squad addition
Chicago BearsBrandon Dunnpractice squad addition
Chicago BearsIsaiah Freypractice squad addition
Chicago BearsAl Louis-Jeanpractice squad addition
Chicago BearsDeDe Lattimorepractice squad addition
Chicago BearsTerrance Mitchellpractice squad addition from Cowboys
Chicago BearsRashad Rosspractice squad addition from Redskins
Chicago BearsRoy Philonpractice squad addition from Steelers
Cleveland BrownsConnor Shawpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsPatrick Lewispractice squad addition from Seahawks
Dallas CowboysNikita Whitlockpractice squad addition from Bengals
Dallas CowboysAhmad Dixoncut
Dallas CowboysC.J. Spillmansigned from 49ers
Dallas CowboysTim Benfordpractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysRyan Williamspractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysRonald Patrickpractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysMicah Pellerinpractice squad addition from Titans
Dallas CowboysKeith Smithpractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysWill Smithpractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysKenneth Boatrightpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersJumal Rollepractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersAlex Gillettpractice squad deletion
Houston TexansKeith Brownerpractice squad addition
Houston TexansMax Bulloughpractice squad addition
Houston TexansAnthony Denhampractice squad addition
Houston TexansMatt Feilerpractice squad addition
Houston TexansMarcus Williamspractice squad addition
Houston TexansAlex Kupperpractice squad addition
Houston TexansTravis Labhartpractice squad addition
Houston TexansEZ Nwachukwupractice squad addition
Houston TexansToben Opurumpractice squad addition
Houston TexansJames Ferentzpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsCody Boothpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsDeandre Colemanpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsCraig Lostonpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsTony Washingtonpractice squad addition from Colts
Jacksonville JaguarsKerry Taylorpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsMarcus Whitfieldpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsStephen Morrispractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsJerry Franklinpractice squad addition from Bears
Kansas City ChiefsKyle Williamscut
Kansas City ChiefsJordan Campbellpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsBen Gottschalkpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsFred Williamspractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsNico Johnsonpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsKona Schwenkepractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsDarryl Surgentpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsCharcandrick Westpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsRicky Henrypractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsSeth Lobatopractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsSam Brennerpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsMatt Hazelpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsTony Hillspractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsDavid Hindspractice squad addition from Titans
Miami DolphinsTommy Streeterpractice squad addition from Buccaneers
Miami DolphinsJacob Maxwellpractice squad addition from Lions
Miami DolphinsD'Aundre Reedpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsLowell Rosepractice squad addition from Chargers
Miami DolphinsGarrison Smithpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsChris Greenwoodpractice squad addition from Lions
New England PatriotsMcLeod Bethel-Thompsonpractice squad addition from 49ers
New England PatriotsJake Bequettepractice squad addition
New England PatriotsJosh Boycepractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsNic Jacobspractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsSeantavius Jonespractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsTavon Rookspractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsLawrence Virgilpractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsTrevin Wadepractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsPierre Warrenpractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsTerrence Frederickpractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsTodd Davispractice squad addition
New Orleans SaintsAntoine McClainpractice squad addition from Bills
New Orleans SaintsBrandon Colemanpractice squad addition
New York JetsTevita Finaupractice squad addition
New York JetsKerry Hyderpractice squad addition
New York JetsRontez Milespractice squad addition
New York JetsChris Pantalepractice squad addition
New York JetsBrent Qvalepractice squad addition
New York JetsDaryl Richardsonpractice squad addition
New York JetsMatt Simmspractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersGeorge Atkinson IIIpractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersDenico Autrypractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersRas-I Dowlingpractice squad addition from Jets
Oakland RaidersBojay Filimoeatupractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersSeth Robertspractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersDan Kistlerpractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersRicky Lumpkinpractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersLamar Madypractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersScott Simonsonpractice squad addition
Oakland RaidersSpencer Hadleypractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesG.J. Kinnepractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersMarion Gricecut
San Diego ChargersRicardo Mathewssigned from Texans
Seattle SeahawksDemitrius Bronsonpractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksRaShaun Allenpractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksSteven Terrellpractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksNate Islespractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksB.J. Danielspractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksJimmy Statenpractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksTerrance Parkspractice squad addition
Seattle SeahawksChris Matthewspractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Dixonpractice squad addition from Jets
Tampa Bay BuccaneersCarlos Fieldspractice squad addition from Raiders
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKimario McFaddenpractice squad addition from Falcons
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDerrius Brookspractice squad addition from Saints
Tennessee TitansDontay Mochpractice squad addition from Bengals
Tennessee TitansRi'Shard Andersonpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansPatrick Baileycut
Tennessee TitansQuentin Grovessigned from Texans
Tennessee TitansOrson Charlespractice squad addition from Bengals
Sunday, August 31, 2014
Arizona CardinalsAnthony Steenpractice squad addition
Arizona CardinalsJimmy Legreepractice squad addition
Arizona CardinalsAndre Hardypractice squad addition
Arizona CardinalsBrittan Goldenpractice squad addition
Arizona CardinalsJonathan Brownpractice squad addition
Arizona CardinalsWalt Powellcut
Arizona CardinalsThomas Keiseracquired from waivers from Chargers
Arizona CardinalsKelvin Palmerpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsRicardo Allenpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsTim Dobbinscut
Atlanta FalconsNate Stuparacquired from waivers from Jaguars
Atlanta FalconsJerome Smithpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsJacques Smithpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsTravian Robertsonpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsBernard Reedypractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsTerren Jonespractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsSean Bakerpractice squad addition
Atlanta FalconsHarland Gunnpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensTramain Jacobspractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensFitzgerald Toussaintpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensPhillip Supernawpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensJohn Simonpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensA.J. Pataiali'ipractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensDeji Olatoyepractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensJamie Mederpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensKeith Wenningpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensRyan Jensenpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsJeff Tuelpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsKenny Ladlerpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsBryan Johnsonpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsIke Igbinosunpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsCaleb Holleypractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsJimmy Gainespractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsDeon Broomfieldpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersTavarres Kingpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersAdarius Glantonpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersCarrington Byndompractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersRobert Lesterpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersD.J. Smithpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersAndrew McDonaldpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersDarrin Reavespractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersMicanor Regispractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersCasey Walkerpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersMarcus Lucaspractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsJames Wilder Jr.practice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsDevon Stillpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsTrevor Robinsonpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsSam Montgomerypractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsOnterio McCalebbpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsColin Lockettpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsDavid Kingpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsDan Francepractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsKevin Greenepractice squad addition from 49ers
Cleveland BrownsKarim Bartoncut
Cleveland BrownsGlenn Winstonacquired from waivers from 49ers
Cleveland BrownsRyan Seymouracquired from waivers from 49ers
Cleveland BrownsCaylin Hauptmannacquired from waivers from Seahawks
Cleveland BrownsLaRon Byrdacquired from waivers from Cowboys
Cleveland BrownsJustin Staplespractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsCharles Johnsoncut
Cleveland BrownsRex Grossmancut
Cleveland BrownsJames Brownpractice squad addition from Bears
Cleveland BrownsJacobbi McDanielpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsEmmanuel Ogbuehipractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsKeith Poughpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsMartin Wallacecut
Dallas CowboysDonald Hawkinsacquired from waivers from Browns
Dallas CowboysJohn Wetzelcut
Denver BroncosJohn Boyettpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosZac Dysertpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosBennie Fowlerpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosVinston Painterpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosNathan Palmerpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosMatt Paradispractice squad addition
Denver BroncosKapri Bibbspractice squad addition
Denver BroncosShaquil Barrettpractice squad addition
Denver BroncosGerell Robinsonpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsRodney Austinpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsMichael Egnewpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsEmil Igwenagupractice squad addition
Detroit LionsNate Nesspractice squad addition
Detroit LionsGeorge Winnpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsXavier Proctorpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsMohammed Seisaypractice squad addition
Detroit LionsJulian Stanfordpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsMichael Williamspractice squad addition
Detroit LionsAndrew Peacockpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersChris Banjopractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersKevin Dorseypractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersGarth Gerhartpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersAlex Gillettpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersMyles Whitepractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersAdrian Hubbardpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersJustin Perillopractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersLuther Robinsonpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersJeremy Vujnovichpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersMichael Hillpractice squad addition
Houston TexansCase Keenumcut
Houston TexansAnthony McClungcut
Houston TexansJosh Victoriancut
Houston TexansRyan Malletttraded from Patriots, for undisclosed draft choice
Houston TexansDamaris Johnsonacquired from waivers from Eagles
Houston TexansDarryl Morrisacquired from waivers from 49ers
Houston TexansMike Thomascut
Houston TexansJeff Adamsacquired from waivers from Titans
Indianapolis ColtsTyler Hooverpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsAndrew Jacksonpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsRyan Lankfordpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsJosh Lenzpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsDewey McDonaldpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsNnamdi Obukwelupractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsSheldon Pricepractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsErik Swoopepractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsJosh Walkerpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsJeff Mathewspractice squad addition from Falcons
Indianapolis ColtsA.Q. Shipleyacquired from waivers from Ravens
Indianapolis ColtsThomas Austincut
Jacksonville JaguarsMarcel Jensencut
Jacksonville JaguarsMickey Shuleracquired from waivers from Falcons
Kansas City ChiefsDamion Squareacquired from waivers from Eagles
Kansas City ChiefsAlex Smithre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2018)
Kansas City ChiefsRichard Gordoncut
Miami DolphinsDon Jonescut
Miami DolphinsSammy Seamsteracquired from waivers from Ravens
Miami DolphinsBrandian Rossacquired from waivers from Raiders
Miami DolphinsDamian Williamscut
Minnesota VikingsMike Harrisacquired from waivers from Chargers
Minnesota VikingsLarry Deancut
Minnesota VikingsAustin Wentworthcut
Minnesota VikingsJoe Banyardpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsKain Colterpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsIsame Facianepractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsChase Fordpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsDonte Fosterpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsMarQueis Grayacquired from waivers from Browns
Minnesota VikingsJustin Trattoupractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsMike Remmerspractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsKendall Jamespractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsZac Kerinpractice squad addition
New England PatriotsBruce Gastonacquired from waivers from Cardinals
New England PatriotsKelcy Quarlesacquired from waivers from Giants
New England PatriotsChris Whitecut
New York GiantsDan Foxpractice squad addition
New York GiantsJordan Stantonpractice squad addition
New York GiantsNick Bectonpractice squad addition from Chargers
New York GiantsChandler Fennerpractice squad addition
New York GiantsBennett Jacksonpractice squad addition
New York GiantsMichael Coxpractice squad addition
New York GiantsJulian Talleypractice squad addition
New York JetsLeQuan Lewiscut
New York JetsLeon McFaddenacquired from waivers from Browns
Oakland RaidersBenson Mayowaacquired from waivers from Seahawks
Oakland RaidersKaelin Burnettcut
Philadelphia EaglesQuron Prattpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesWill Murphypractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesEmmanuel Achopractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesEd Reynoldspractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesWade Keliikipipractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesKevin Grafpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesJosh Andrewspractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesMatthew Tuckerpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersHoward Jonespractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersRob Blanchflowerpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersJosh Harrispractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersNick Williamspractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersJosh Mauropractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersRoss Ventronepractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersShaquille Richardsonpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersAlejandro Villanuevapractice squad addition from Eagles
Pittsburgh SteelersC.J. Goodwinpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersDerek Moyepractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersRyan Lindleypractice squad addition from Cardinals
San Diego ChargersJavontee Herndonpractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersAdrian Phillipspractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersGreg Ducrepractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersCordarro Lawpractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersChas Alecxihpractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersCraig Wattspractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersJeremiah Sirlespractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersTorrence Allenpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersMike Purcellpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersLawrence Okoyepractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersLance Lewispractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersAsante Clevelandpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersCarter Bykowskipractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersShayne Skovpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersChase Thomaspractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMike Kafkapractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeff Dempspractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMatthew Masifilopractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSolomon Pattonpractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGarrett Gilkeyacquired from waivers from Browns
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJosh Allencut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Mageepractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersCameron Bratepractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansBrandon Harrisacquired from waivers from Texans
Tennessee TitansMichael Prestoncut
Tennessee TitansKhalid Wootencut
Tennessee TitansSteve Valloscut
Tennessee TitansJustin McCraypractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansKris Durhamacquired from waivers from Lions
Tennessee TitansChigbo Anunobypractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansBrandon Copelandpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansAntonio Andrewspractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansRico Richardsonpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansT.J. Grahamacquired from waivers from Bills
Tennessee TitansWill Poehlspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsDuke Ihenachoacquired from waivers from Broncos
Washington RedskinsAkeem Daviscut
Washington RedskinsTed Bolserpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsRichard Crawfordpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsNick Williamspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsTevita Stevenspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsPhillip Thomaspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsRobert Thomaspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsChris Thompsonpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsChase Minnifieldpractice squad addition
Saturday, August 30, 2014
Arizona CardinalsJimmy Legreecut
Arizona CardinalsBryan McCanncut
Arizona CardinalsKelvin Palmercut
Arizona CardinalsJalen Parmelecut
Arizona CardinalsIsaac Sopoagacut
Arizona CardinalsAnthony Steencut
Arizona CardinalsCurtis Taylorcut
Arizona CardinalsAdrian Tracycut
Arizona CardinalsChristian Tupoucut
Arizona CardinalsAnthony Walterscut
Arizona CardinalsTeddy Williamscut
Arizona CardinalsNate Pottercut
Arizona CardinalsZach Baumancut
Arizona CardinalsMarcus Benardcut
Arizona CardinalsPhilip Blakecut
Arizona CardinalsJonathan Browncut
Arizona CardinalsDan Bucknercut
Arizona CardinalsJohn Estescut
Arizona CardinalsBruce Gastoncut
Arizona CardinalsBrittan Goldencut
Arizona CardinalsAndre Hardycut
Atlanta FalconsRicardo Allencut
Atlanta FalconsSean Bakercut
Atlanta FalconsJeremy Ebertcut
Atlanta FalconsHarland Gunncut
Atlanta FalconsGeraldo Boldewijncut
Atlanta FalconsBernard Reedycut
Atlanta FalconsTravian Robertsoncut
Atlanta FalconsMickey Shulercut
Atlanta FalconsJacques Smithcut
Atlanta FalconsTerren Jonescut
Baltimore RavensTerrence CodyPlaced on the physically unable to perform list
Baltimore RavensDominique Frankscut
Baltimore RavensDerek Coxcut
Baltimore RavensKeith Wenningcut
Baltimore RavensFitzgerald Toussaintcut
Baltimore RavensPhillip Supernawcut
Baltimore RavensRyan Jensencut
Baltimore RavensA.Q. Shipleycut
Baltimore RavensSammy Seamstercut
Baltimore RavensA.J. Pataiali'icut
Baltimore RavensJamie Medercut
Baltimore RavensParker Grahamcut
Baltimore RavensTramain Jacobscut
Baltimore RavensJohn Simoncut
Buffalo BillsKyle Ortonsigned from Cowboys
Buffalo BillsJeff Tuelcut
Buffalo BillsAntoine McClaincut
Buffalo BillsDoug Legurskycut
Buffalo BillsKenny Ladlercut
Buffalo BillsBryan Johnsoncut
Buffalo BillsIke Igbinosuncut
Buffalo BillsCaleb Holleycut
Buffalo BillsT.J. Grahamcut
Buffalo BillsColton Schmidtsigned from 49ers
Buffalo BillsDeon Broomfieldcut
Buffalo BillsJimmy Gainescut
Carolina PanthersDenicos Allencut
Carolina PanthersCarrington Byndomcut
Carolina PanthersChris Scottcut
Carolina PanthersAnderson Russellcut
Carolina PanthersMike McNeillcut
Carolina PanthersMichael Zordichcut
Carolina PanthersCasey Walkercut
Carolina PanthersJosh Thomascut
Carolina PanthersD.J. Smithcut
Carolina PanthersMicanor Regiscut
Carolina PanthersDarrin Reavescut
Carolina PanthersDrake Neviscut
Carolina PanthersTom Nelsoncut
Carolina PanthersAndrew McDonaldcut
Carolina PanthersMarcus Lucascut
Carolina PanthersRobert Lestercut
Carolina PanthersTavarres Kingcut
Carolina PanthersDerek Denniscut
Carolina PanthersJames Dockerycut
Carolina PanthersAdarius Glantoncut
Chicago BearsEben Brittoncut
Chicago BearsTaylor Boggscut
Chicago BearsChris Williamscut
Chicago BearsMarcus Tricecut
Chicago BearsTracy Robertsoncut
Chicago BearsLee Peguescut
Chicago BearsDale Mosscut
Chicago BearsAl Louis-Jeancut
Chicago BearsDeDe Lattimorecut
Chicago BearsRyan Groycut
Chicago BearsJerry Franklincut
Chicago BearsBrandon Dunncut
Chicago BearsJosh Bellamycut
Chicago BearsAusten Lanecut
Chicago BearsKelvin Haydencut
Chicago BearsC.J. Wilsoncut
Cincinnati BengalsOnterio McCalebbcut
Cincinnati BengalsDontay Mochcut
Cincinnati BengalsSam Montgomerycut
Cincinnati BengalsTrevor Robinsoncut
Cincinnati BengalsDevon Stillcut
Cincinnati BengalsNikita Whitlockcut
Cincinnati BengalsJames Wilder Jr.cut
Cincinnati BengalsLavelle Westbrookscut
Cincinnati BengalsJames Harrisonretired
Cincinnati BengalsAJ McCarronreserve/non-football-injury, shoulder
Cincinnati BengalsDanieal Manningcut
Cincinnati BengalsWill Svitekcut
Cincinnati BengalsOrson Charlescut
Cincinnati BengalsDan Francecut
Cincinnati BengalsCobi Hamiltoncut
Cincinnati BengalsVictor Hamptoncut
Cincinnati BengalsDavid Kingcut
Cincinnati BengalsColin Lockettcut
Cleveland BrownsGarrett Gilkeycut
Cleveland BrownsReid Fragelcut
Cleveland BrownsAlex Parsonscut
Cleveland BrownsAbasi Salimucut
Cleveland BrownsConnor Shawcut
Cleveland BrownsMarQueis Graycut
Cleveland BrownsDion Lewiscut
Cleveland BrownsEmmanuel Ogbuehicut
Cleveland BrownsWillie Sneadcut
Cleveland BrownsNate Burlesoncut
Cleveland BrownsZac Dilescut
Cleveland BrownsJamaal Westermancut
Cleveland BrownsChris Ogbonnayacut
Cleveland BrownsJosh Aubreycut
Cleveland BrownsLeon McFaddencut
Cleveland BrownsCalvin Barnettcut
Cleveland BrownsJacobbi McDanielcut
Cleveland BrownsJustin Staplescut
Cleveland BrownsDonald Hawkinscut
Dallas CowboysJamar Newsomecut
Dallas CowboysLavar Edwardstraded from Titans, for an undisclosed 2015 Draft pick
Dallas CowboysStephen Goodincut
Dallas CowboysLaRon Byrdcut
Dallas CowboysDartwan Bushcut
Dallas CowboysKenneth Boatrightcut
Dallas CowboysJosh Aladenoyecut
Dallas CowboysUche Nwanericut
Dallas CowboysDezmon Briscoecut
Dallas CowboysD.J. Adamscut
Dallas CowboysRonald Patrickcut
Dallas CowboysCaesar Rayfordcut
Dallas CowboysDontavis Sappcut
Dallas CowboysKeith Smithcut
Dallas CowboysRyan Smithcut
Dallas CowboysWill Smithcut
Dallas CowboysPhillip Tannercut
Dallas CowboysAsa Watsoncut
Dallas CowboysRyan Williamscut
Dallas CowboysTerrance Mitchellcut
Denver BroncosNathan Palmercut
Denver BroncosLouis Youngcut
Denver BroncosJordan Sullencut
Denver BroncosGerell Robinsoncut
Denver BroncosMatt Paradiscut
Denver BroncosVinston Paintercut
Denver BroncosRyan Millercut
Denver BroncosDuke Ihenachocut
Denver BroncosSione Fuacut
Denver BroncosBennie Fowlercut
Denver BroncosL.J. Fortcut
Denver BroncosKevin Vickersoncut
Denver BroncosBrian Sanfordcut
Denver BroncosJerome Murphycut
Denver BroncosCameron Morrahcut
Denver BroncosJameson Konzcut
Denver BroncosZac Dysertcut
Denver BroncosJohn Boyettcut
Denver BroncosShaquil Barrettcut
Denver BroncosKapri Bibbscut
Detroit LionsChris Greenwoodcut
Detroit LionsNate Nesscut
Detroit LionsShamari Bentoncut
Detroit LionsJulian Stanfordcut
Detroit LionsBrandon Hepburncut
Detroit LionsXavier Proctorcut
Detroit LionsJimmy Saddler-McQueencut
Detroit LionsAndre Fluellencut
Detroit LionsDarryl Tappcut
Detroit LionsMikel Leshourecut
Detroit LionsGeorge Winncut
Detroit LionsEmil Igwenagucut
Detroit LionsKris Durhamcut
Detroit LionsAndrew Peacockcut
Detroit LionsPatrick Edwardscut
Detroit LionsMichael Egnewcut
Detroit LionsJordan Thompsoncut
Detroit LionsRodney Austincut
Detroit LionsGarrett Reynoldscut
Detroit LionsMichael Williamscut
Detroit LionsDarren Keytoncut
Detroit LionsMohammed Seisaycut
Green Bay PackersChris Banjocut
Green Bay PackersAndrew Tillercut
Green Bay PackersJake Doughtycut
Green Bay PackersJohn Fullingtoncut
Green Bay PackersGarth Gerhartcut
Green Bay PackersAlex Gillettcut
Green Bay PackersCarlos Graycut
Green Bay PackersMichael Hillcut
Green Bay PackersAdrian Hubbardcut
Green Bay PackersJordan McCraycut
Green Bay PackersTanner Millercut
Green Bay PackersJustin Perillocut
Green Bay PackersLaDarius Perkinscut
Green Bay PackersLuther Robinsoncut
Green Bay PackersJumal Rollecut
Green Bay PackersJeremy Vujnovichcut
Green Bay PackersMyles Whitecut
Green Bay PackersRyan Whitecut
Green Bay PackersRajion Nealcut
Green Bay PackersJoe Thomascut
Green Bay PackersKevin Dorseycut
Houston TexansBrandon Harriscut
Houston TexansQuentin Grovescut
Houston TexansAlex Kuppercut
Houston TexansTravis Labhartcut
Houston TexansRicardo Mathewscut
Houston TexansChris McAllistercut
Houston TexansEZ Nwachukwucut
Houston TexansToben Opurumcut
Houston TexansZach Pottercut
Houston TexansJawanza Starlingcut
Houston TexansJulius Warmsleycut
Houston TexansMarcus Williamscut
Houston TexansChris Youngcut
Houston TexansPaul Hazelcut
Houston TexansLacoltan Bestercut
Houston TexansChris Boswellcut
Houston TexansKeith Brownercut
Houston TexansMax Bulloughcut
Houston TexansAnthony Denhamcut
Houston TexansMike Farrellcut
Houston TexansMatt Feilercut
Houston TexansJames Ferentzcut
Houston TexansBronson Irwincut
Indianapolis ColtsGannon Conwaycut
Indianapolis ColtsBrandon McKinneycut
Indianapolis ColtsChandler Harnishcut
Indianapolis ColtsTyler Hoovercut
Indianapolis ColtsPhillip Huntcut
Indianapolis ColtsAndrew Jacksoncut
Indianapolis ColtsRyan Lankfordcut
Indianapolis ColtsJosh Lenzcut
Indianapolis ColtsFN Lutzcut
Indianapolis ColtsDewey McDonaldcut
Indianapolis ColtsNnamdi Obukwelucut
Indianapolis ColtsSheldon Pricecut
Indianapolis ColtsRob Ruggierocut
Indianapolis ColtsWeslye Saunderscut
Indianapolis ColtsKelvin Sheppardcut
Indianapolis ColtsErik Swoopecut
Indianapolis ColtsJosh Walkercut
Indianapolis ColtsDavid Fluellencut
Jacksonville JaguarsSherrod Martincut
Jacksonville JaguarsNate Stuparcut
Jacksonville JaguarsKerry Taylorcut
Jacksonville JaguarsJamell Flemingcut
Kansas City ChiefsJonathon Amayacut
Kansas City ChiefsMike Catapanoreserve/non-football-injury, undisclosed
Kansas City ChiefsJordan Campbellcut
Kansas City ChiefsDominique Hamiltoncut
Kansas City ChiefsMark Harrisoncut
Kansas City ChiefsRicky Henrycut
Kansas City ChiefsAlonzo Highsmithcut
Kansas City ChiefsNico Johnsoncut
Kansas City ChiefsKyle Lovecut
Kansas City ChiefsJustin Rogerscut
Kansas City ChiefsKona Schwenkecut
Kansas City ChiefsRyan Succopcut
Kansas City ChiefsDevan Walkercut
Kansas City ChiefsJ'Marcus Webbcut
Kansas City ChiefsCharcandrick Westcut
Kansas City ChiefsFred Williamscut
Kansas City ChiefsMalcolm Bronsoncut
Miami DolphinsEvan Wilsoncut
Miami DolphinsTony Hillscut
Miami DolphinsMarcus Thigpencut
Miami DolphinsDaniel Thomascut
Miami DolphinsGarrison Smithcut
Miami DolphinsJake Rogerscut
Miami DolphinsD'Aundre Reedcut
Miami DolphinsTevin Mimscut
Miami DolphinsKyle Millercut
Miami DolphinsSeth Lobatocut
Miami DolphinsJordan Kovacscut
Miami DolphinsMatt Hazelcut
Miami DolphinsKevin Foggcut
Miami DolphinsEvan Finkenbergcut
Miami DolphinsKevin Conecut
Miami DolphinsSam Brennercut
Miami DolphinsDavid Arkincut
Miami DolphinsIsaako Aaituicut
Miami DolphinsAndrew Wilsoncut
Minnesota VikingsMike Zimmercut
Minnesota VikingsDominique Williamscut
Minnesota VikingsJustin Trattoucut
Minnesota VikingsMike Remmerscut
Minnesota VikingsAllen Reisnercut
Minnesota VikingsJulian Poseycut
Minnesota VikingsZac Kerincut
Minnesota VikingsKendall Jamescut
Minnesota VikingsJustin Jacksoncut
Minnesota VikingsDonte Fostercut
Minnesota VikingsChase Fordcut
Minnesota VikingsIsame Facianecut
Minnesota VikingsFred Evanscut
Minnesota VikingsChris Crockercut
Minnesota VikingsKain Coltercut
Minnesota VikingsKurt Colemancut
Minnesota VikingsJoe Banyardcut
Minnesota VikingsJeff Bacacut
Minnesota VikingsChase Bakercut
New England PatriotsDanny Aikencut
New England PatriotsLT Tuipulotucut
New England PatriotsJake Bequettecut
New England PatriotsJosh Boycecut
New England PatriotsSteve Manericut
New England PatriotsJerel Worthycut
New England PatriotsBraxston Cavecut
New England PatriotsJa'Gared Daviscut
New England PatriotsKanorris Daviscut
New England PatriotsJonas Graycut
New England PatriotsDax Swansoncut
New England PatriotsJon Halapiocut
New England PatriotsJeremy Galloncut
New England PatriotsRoy Finchcut
New England PatriotsShamiel Garycut
New England PatriotsEathyn Manumaleunacut
New England PatriotsChris Martincut
New England PatriotsTaylor McCullercut
New England PatriotsSteve Beauharnaiscut
New Orleans SaintsMarcel Jonescut
New Orleans SaintsSeantavius Jonescut
New Orleans SaintsTavon Rookscut
New Orleans SaintsDerrick Stroziercut
New Orleans SaintsLawrence Virgilcut
New Orleans SaintsTrevin Wadecut
New Orleans SaintsPierre Warrencut
New Orleans SaintsJason Weavercut
New Orleans SaintsChamp Baileycut
New Orleans SaintsKeyunta Dawsoncut
New Orleans SaintsShayne Grahamcut
New Orleans SaintsGreg Jonescut
New Orleans SaintsRobert Meachemcut
New Orleans SaintsThomas Welchcut
New Orleans SaintsMatt Armstrongcut
New Orleans SaintsDerrius Brookscut
New Orleans SaintsBrandon Colemancut
New Orleans SaintsTodd Daviscut
New Orleans SaintsDerek Dimkecut
New Orleans SaintsTerrence Frederickcut
New Orleans SaintsCharles Hawkinscut
New Orleans SaintsNic Jacobscut
New York GiantsKelcy Quarlescut
New York GiantsJordan Stantoncut
New York GiantsDan Foxcut
New York GiantsChandler Fennercut
New York GiantsTerrell Manningcut
New York GiantsJamaal Johnson-Webbcut
New York GiantsAdam Gresscut
New York GiantsMark Aspercut
New York GiantsKendall Gaskinscut
New York GiantsJulian Talleycut
New York GiantsMichael Coxcut
New York GiantsBennett Jacksoncut
New York GiantsIsrael Idonijecut
New York GiantsKellen Daviscut
New York GiantsJohn Connercut
New York GiantsCurtis Paintercut
New York GiantsThomas Gordoncut
New York JetsMatt Simmscut
New York JetsAntwan BarnesPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, knee
New York JetsTroy Daviscut
New York JetsCaleb Schlauderaffcut
New York JetsJeremy Reevescut
New York JetsBrent Qvalecut
New York JetsGarrett McIntyrecut
New York JetsKerry Hydercut
New York JetsClyde Gatescut
New York JetsBrandon Dixoncut
New York JetsWill Campbellcut
New York JetsRontez Milescut
New York JetsTevita Finaucut
New York JetsTajh Boydcut
New York JetsAlex Greencut
New York JetsZach Thompsoncut
New York JetsChris Pantalecut
New York JetsStephen Hillcut
New York JetsDaryl Richardsoncut
New York JetsA.J. Eddscut
New York JetsJohnny Patrickcut
Oakland RaidersGeorge Atkinson IIIcut
Oakland RaidersKarl Williamscut
Oakland RaidersChance Caseycut
Oakland RaidersJack Cornellcut
Oakland RaidersJack Crawfordcut
Oakland RaidersCarlos Fieldscut
Oakland RaidersBojay Filimoeatucut
Oakland RaidersSpencer Hadleycut
Oakland RaidersDan Kistlercut
Oakland RaidersErle Ladsoncut
Oakland RaidersGreg Littlecut
Oakland RaidersRicky Lumpkincut
Oakland RaidersLamar Madycut
Oakland RaidersJake Murphycut
Oakland RaidersSeth Robertscut
Oakland RaidersRyan Robinsoncut
Oakland RaidersBrandian Rosscut
Oakland RaidersJarrod Shawcut
Oakland RaidersScott Simonsoncut
Oakland RaidersJeremy Stewartcut
Oakland RaidersGiorgio Tavecchiocut
Oakland RaidersDenico Autrycut
Philadelphia EaglesJosh Kadducut
Philadelphia EaglesWade Keliikipicut
Philadelphia EaglesKeelan Johnsoncut
Philadelphia EaglesDamaris Johnsoncut
Philadelphia EaglesAlex Henerycut
Philadelphia EaglesKevin Grafcut
Philadelphia EaglesRoc Carmichaelcut
Philadelphia EaglesJosh Andrewscut
Philadelphia EaglesEmmanuel Achocut
Philadelphia EaglesMatthew Tuckercut
Philadelphia EaglesDamion Squarecut
Philadelphia EaglesEd Reynoldscut
Philadelphia EaglesQuron Prattcut
Philadelphia EaglesWill Murphycut
Philadelphia EaglesIfeanyi Momahcut
Philadelphia EaglesCurtis Marshcut
Philadelphia EaglesG.J. Kinnecut
Philadelphia EaglesHenry Joseycut
Pittsburgh SteelersRoss Ventronecut
Pittsburgh SteelersJosh Harriscut
Pittsburgh SteelersStephen Houstoncut
Pittsburgh SteelersShaquille Richardsoncut
Pittsburgh SteelersDayonne Nunleycut
Pittsburgh SteelersIsaiah Greencut
Pittsburgh SteelersDavid Paulsoncut
Pittsburgh SteelersBryce Daviscut
Pittsburgh SteelersRob Blanchflowercut
Pittsburgh SteelersGuy Whimpercut
Pittsburgh SteelersWill Simmonscut
Pittsburgh SteelersGraham Pociccut
Pittsburgh SteelersLanear Sampsoncut
Pittsburgh SteelersDerek Moyecut
Pittsburgh SteelersBrendon Kaycut
Pittsburgh SteelersDan Mollscut
Pittsburgh SteelersHoward Jonescut
Pittsburgh SteelersChris Cartercut
Pittsburgh SteelersNick Williamscut
Pittsburgh SteelersEthan Hemercut
Pittsburgh SteelersJosh Maurocut
Pittsburgh SteelersRoy Philoncut
San Diego ChargersVictor Aiyewacut
San Diego ChargersDoug Worthingtoncut
San Diego ChargersTorrence Allencut
San Diego ChargersCrezdon Butlercut
San Diego ChargersAlden Darbycut
San Diego ChargersGreg Ducrecut
San Diego ChargersMichael Flaccocut
San Diego ChargersMike Harriscut
San Diego ChargersJavontee Herndoncut
San Diego ChargersThomas Keisercut
San Diego ChargersJoe Krugercut
San Diego ChargersCordarro Lawcut
San Diego ChargersAdrian Phillipscut
San Diego ChargersTevin Reesecut
San Diego ChargersJeremiah Sirlescut
San Diego ChargersBrad Sorensencut
San Diego ChargersColton Underwoodcut
San Diego ChargersCraig Wattscut
San Diego ChargersKenny Wigginscut
San Diego ChargersKhalil Wilkescut
San Diego ChargersChas Alecxihcut
San Francisco 49ersCarter Bykowskicut
San Francisco 49ersAsante Clevelandcut
San Francisco 49ersLance Lewiscut
San Francisco 49ersKevin McDermottcut
San Francisco 49ersDarryl Morriscut
San Francisco 49ersAl Nettercut
San Francisco 49ersLawrence Okoyecut
San Francisco 49ersKassim Osgoodcut
San Francisco 49ersMichael Philippcut
San Francisco 49ersMike Purcellcut
San Francisco 49ersRyan Seymourcut
San Francisco 49ersShayne Skovcut
San Francisco 49ersAlfonso Smithcut
San Francisco 49ersAdam Snydercut
San Francisco 49ersC.J. Spillmancut
San Francisco 49ersChase Thomascut
San Francisco 49ersBubba Ventronecut
San Francisco 49ersL'Damian Washingtoncut
San Francisco 49ersGlenn Winstoncut
Seattle SeahawksBenson Mayowacut
Seattle SeahawksTerrance Parkscut
Seattle SeahawksMorrell Presleycut
Seattle SeahawksTerrelle Pryorcut
Seattle SeahawksAndru Pulucut
Seattle SeahawksKiero Smallcut
Seattle SeahawksJimmy Statencut
Seattle SeahawksSteven Terrellcut
Seattle SeahawksKorey Toomercut
Seattle SeahawksBryan Walterscut
Seattle SeahawksSpencer Warecut
Seattle SeahawksMarcus Burleytraded from Colts, for 6th-round pick in 2015
Seattle SeahawksPhillip Adamscut
Seattle SeahawksEric Winstoncut
Seattle SeahawksRaShaun Allencut
Seattle SeahawksAkeem Augustecut
Seattle SeahawksDemitrius Bronsoncut
Seattle SeahawksArceto Clarkcut
Seattle SeahawksB.J. Danielscut
Seattle SeahawksCaylin Hauptmanncut
Seattle SeahawksNate Islescut
Seattle SeahawksPatrick Lewiscut
Seattle SeahawksChris Matthewscut
St. Louis RamsDeantre Harlancut
St. Louis RamsTravis Bondcut
St. Louis RamsAustin Franklincut
St. Louis RamsAvery Cunninghamcut
St. Louis RamsMatt Conrathcut
St. Louis RamsChristian Bryantcut
St. Louis RamsKourtnei Browncut
St. Louis RamsDarren Woodardcut
St. Louis RamsLawrence Wilsoncut
St. Louis RamsBrandon Washingtoncut
St. Louis RamsJustin Veltungcut
St. Louis RamsMitchell Van Dykcut
St. Louis RamsPhillip Stewardcut
St. Louis RamsBrad Smelleycut
St. Louis RamsMichael Samcut
St. Louis RamsEtienne Sabinocut
St. Louis RamsGreg Reidcut
St. Louis RamsSean Hooeycut
St. Louis RamsAaron Hillcut
St. Louis RamsEmory Blakecut
St. Louis RamsGarrett Gilbertcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRonald Talleycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSolomon Pattoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMatthew Masifilocut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrandon Mageecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMike Kafkacut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersCameron Bratecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMajor Wrightcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeff Dempscut
Tennessee TitansMaikon Bonanicut
Tennessee TitansJason Scheplercut
Tennessee TitansBrian Robiskiecut
Tennessee TitansRico Richardsoncut
Tennessee TitansWill Poehlscut
Tennessee TitansEric Olsencut
Tennessee TitansCollin Mooneycut
Tennessee TitansJustin McCraycut
Tennessee TitansMarc Marianicut
Tennessee TitansMoise Fokoucut
Tennessee TitansMarcus Dixoncut
Tennessee TitansWinston Wrightcut
Tennessee TitansJeff Adamscut
Tennessee TitansRi'Shard Andersoncut
Tennessee TitansAntonio Andrewscut
Tennessee TitansChigbo Anunobycut
Tennessee TitansTommie Campbellcut
Tennessee TitansChase Coffmancut
Tennessee TitansBrandon Copelandcut
Tennessee TitansDominique Daviscut
Washington RedskinsLeonard HankersonPlaced on the physically unable to perform list
Washington RedskinsZach Hockercut
Washington RedskinsMaurice Hurtcut
Washington RedskinsChase Minnifieldcut
Washington RedskinsEvan Roystercut
Washington RedskinsStephen BowenPlaced on the physically unable to perform list
Washington RedskinsPhillip Thomascut
Washington RedskinsChris Thompsoncut
Washington RedskinsNick Williamscut
Washington RedskinsEverette Browncut
Washington RedskinsLache Seastrunkcut
Friday, August 29, 2014
Atlanta FalconsMaurice Hagenscut
Atlanta FalconsNosa Eguaecut
Atlanta FalconsJosh Vaughancut
Atlanta FalconsJordan Mabincut
Atlanta FalconsFreddie Martinocut
Atlanta FalconsKimario McFaddencut
Atlanta FalconsJacob Pedersencut
Atlanta FalconsPat McQuistancut
Atlanta FalconsPat Angerercut
Atlanta FalconsYawin Smallwoodcut
Atlanta FalconsAdam Reploglecut
Atlanta FalconsDonte Rumphcut
Baltimore RavensDerrick Hopkinscut
Baltimore RavensLevi Browncut
Baltimore RavensReggie Stephenscut
Baltimore RavensD.J. Robertscut
Baltimore RavensNathan Overbaycut
Buffalo BillsGarrison Sanbornre-signed, Three-year extension (through 2017)
Buffalo BillsNaaman Rooseveltcut
Buffalo BillsJared Wheelercut
Buffalo BillsEvan Rodriguezcut
Buffalo BillsJordan Palmercut
Buffalo BillsBrian Moormancut
Buffalo BillsSam Millercut
Buffalo BillsKamaal McIlwaincut
Buffalo BillsDominique Jonescut
Buffalo BillsLandon Cohencut
Buffalo BillsXavius Boydcut
Chicago BearsJeron Mastrudcut
Chicago BearsArmanti Edwardscut
Chicago BearsJordan Lynchcut
Chicago BearsDennis Rolandcut
Chicago BearsRobert Turnercut
Cincinnati BengalsTyler Wilsoncut
Cincinnati BengalsLaKendrick Rosscut
Cincinnati BengalsBenJarvus Green-Elliscut
Cincinnati BengalsBrandon Joinercut
Detroit LionsDeJon Gomescut
Jacksonville JaguarsD.J. Tialaveacut
Jacksonville JaguarsMarcus Whitfieldcut
Jacksonville JaguarsDavid Cartercut
Jacksonville JaguarsMike Brewstercut
Jacksonville JaguarsDrew Nowakcut
Jacksonville JaguarsGerald Riverscut
Jacksonville JaguarsRicky Stanzicut
Jacksonville JaguarsChad Bumphiscut
Jacksonville JaguarsEric Kettanicut
Jacksonville JaguarsCody Boothcut
Jacksonville JaguarsDeandre Colemancut
Jacksonville JaguarsRicky Havili-Heimulicut
Jacksonville JaguarsCraig Lostoncut
Jacksonville JaguarsStephen Morriscut
Jacksonville JaguarsKasey Redferncut
Miami DolphinsJohn Pottercut
Minnesota VikingsJerome Simpsonsuspended, 3 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
Pittsburgh SteelersB.W. Webbacquired from waivers from Cowboys
Pittsburgh SteelersDevin Smithcut
San Francisco 49ersAldon Smithsuspended, 9 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNate Askewcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersConnor Barthcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJamon Meredithcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeremiah Warrencut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLonnie Pryorcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAndrew Millercut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKeith Lewiscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKa'Lial Glaudcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMarc Anthonycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLarry Englishcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersEdawn Coughmancut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKip Edwardscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersT.J. Fatinikuncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnthony Gaitorcut
Washington RedskinsTed Bolsercut
Washington RedskinsRichard Crawfordcut
Washington RedskinsDa'Mon Cromartie-Smithcut
Washington RedskinsLee Dosscut
Washington RedskinsRobert Thomascut
Washington RedskinsTevita Stevenscut
Washington RedskinsRobert Malonecut
Washington RedskinsKevin Kowalskicut
Thursday, August 28, 2014
Cleveland BrownsRandall Harriscut
Dallas CowboysB.W. Webbcut
Dallas CowboysJakar Hamiltonsuspended, 4 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
Dallas CowboysDashaun Phillipscut
Dallas CowboysPhillip Tannersigned from Colts
Miami DolphinsJalil Browncut
New York GiantsEmmanuel Diekecut
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Arizona CardinalsRyan McBeancut
Arizona CardinalsTommy Kellysigned from Patriots, One-year contract
Baltimore RavensDerek Coxsigned from Vikings, One-year contract (through 2014)
Baltimore RavensJace Daviscut
Cincinnati BengalsJ.K. SchafferPlaced on IR, concussion
Cincinnati BengalsVontaze Burfictre-signed, Three-year extension (through 2017)
Cincinnati BengalsLavelle WestbrooksPlaced on IR, thumb
Cleveland BrownsJosh Gordonsuspended, 2014 (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
Dallas CowboysJohnny ThomasPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Dallas CowboysDeVonte HollomanPlaced on IR, neck
Dallas CowboysJordan NajvarPlaced on IR, Achilles
Dallas CowboysMatt JohnsonPlaced on IR, hamstring
Dallas CowboysJustin GreenPlaced on IR, shoulder
Dallas CowboysTim Benfordcut
Dallas CowboysJemea Thomasacquired from waivers from Patriots
Houston TexansAnthony McClungPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Houston TexansPaul HazelPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Kansas City ChiefsMike McGlynnsigned from Redskins
Kansas City ChiefsBen Gottschalkcut
Kansas City ChiefsDamond SmithPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Kansas City ChiefsRyan McKeePlaced on IR, knee
Miami DolphinsJohn PotterPlaced on IR, hip
New York GiantsEmmanuel DiekePlaced on IR, knee
New York GiantsJustin AndersonPlaced on IR, hamstring
Oakland RaidersKory SheetsPlaced on IR, torn left Achilles tendon
Oakland RaidersLarry AsantePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Oakland RaidersGreg JenkinsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersDevin SmithPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksMarcus Dowtincut
Seattle SeahawksGreg Van Rotencut
Seattle SeahawksPatrick Lewisacquired from waivers from Jaguars
Seattle SeahawksDemitrius Bronsonsigned
Seattle SeahawksDavid GilreathPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksMichael BrooksPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksHorace MillerPlaced on IR, knee
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDanny Gorrercut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDanny GorrerTaken off IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMatt PatchanPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tennessee TitansJurrell Caseyre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2018)
Tennessee TitansGabe IkardPlaced on IR, knee
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Buffalo BillsThad Lewiscut
Buffalo BillsKiko Alonsoreserve/non-football-injury, torn ACL
Buffalo BillsJordan Palmersigned from Bears
Buffalo BillsJordan Gaysigned from Panthers
Carolina PanthersKevin MatthewsPlaced on IR, knee
Carolina PanthersMatt BlanchardPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Carolina PanthersD.C. JeffersonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Chicago BearsIsaiah Freycut
Chicago BearsJames Browncut
Cincinnati BengalsKevin Brockcut
Cincinnati BengalsJames Davidsoncut
Cincinnati BengalsMatt Scottcut
Cincinnati BengalsJasper Collinscut
Cleveland BrownsNick McDonaldreserve/non-football-injury, undisclosed
Cleveland BrownsRandall HarrisPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Cleveland BrownsMichael BowiePlaced on IR, left shoulder
Cleveland BrownsDarius EubanksPlaced on IR, shoulder
Dallas CowboysBen GardnerPlaced on IR, shoulder
Dallas CowboysAmobi Okoyereserve/non-football-injury, autoimmune syndrome
Dallas CowboysTom Hornseycut
Dallas CowboysAdewale Ojomocut
Dallas CowboysCasey Kreitercut
Dallas CowboysChris Boydcut
Dallas CowboysWayne Tribuecut
Dallas CowboysCaleb Haniecut
Denver BroncosBrandon McManustraded from Giants, for conditional 7th-round pick in 2015
Denver BroncosMitch Ewaldcut
Detroit LionsJacob Maxwellcut
Detroit LionsMichael Egnewacquired from waivers from Dolphins
Detroit LionsEmil Igwenaguacquired from waivers from Eagles
Detroit LionsBryce Quigleycut
Green Bay PackersRajion NealPlaced on IR, knee
Green Bay PackersB.J. RajiPlaced on IR, torn right biceps
Green Bay PackersAndrew TillerPlaced on IR, calf
Green Bay PackersJared AbbrederisPlaced on IR, torn right ACL
Green Bay PackersDon BarclayPlaced on IR, knee
Green Bay PackersJoe ThomasPlaced on IR, knee
Houston TexansConor Boffelicut
Indianapolis ColtsDeji KarimPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Indianapolis ColtsVick BallardPlaced on IR, torn left Achilles
Indianapolis ColtsUlrick JohnPlaced on IR, broken right ankle
Indianapolis ColtsStanley HaviliPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsDavid CarterPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Jacksonville JaguarsAaron Colvinreserve/non-football-injury, torn right ACL
Kansas City ChiefsKevin Rutlandcut
Miami DolphinsCory Grissomcut
Miami DolphinsTyler Larsencut
Miami DolphinsRyan Spadolacut
Miami DolphinsBrady Quinncut
Miami DolphinsA.J. FrancisPlaced on IR, knee
Miami DolphinsMike GillisleePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Miami DolphinsArthur LynchPlaced on IR, back
Miami DolphinsArmon Binnscut
Miami DolphinsBrett Brackettcut
Miami DolphinsSteven Clarkecut
Miami DolphinsRakim Coxcut
Minnesota VikingsMike Higginscut
New England PatriotsBen Basscut
New England PatriotsTravis Hawkinscut
New England PatriotsDerrick Johnsoncut
New England PatriotsDeontae Skinnercut
New England PatriotsTyler GaffneyPlaced on IR, knee
New England PatriotsWilson Van Hoosercut
New England PatriotsTim Wrighttraded from Buccaneers, for G Logan Mankins
New England PatriotsCameron GordonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New England PatriotsJemea Thomascut
New Orleans SaintsTravis Beckumcut
New Orleans SaintsVictor Butlercut
New Orleans SaintsGeorge Ukocut
New Orleans SaintsRod Sweetingcut
New Orleans SaintsKevin Reddickcut
New Orleans SaintsLogan Kilgorecut
New Orleans SaintsRufus Johnson Jr.cut
New Orleans SaintsManase Foketicut
New York GiantsCharles James IIcut
New York GiantsKyle Sebeticcut
New York GiantsJohn Sullencut
New York GiantsRoss Weavercut
New York GiantsTravis Harveycut
New York GiantsCooper TaylorPlaced on IR, sesamoid bone left foot
New York GiantsEverett Dawkinscut
New York GiantsJerome Cunninghamcut
New York GiantsC.J. Barnettcut
New York GiantsSpencer Adkinscut
New York GiantsMarcus HarrisPlaced on IR, hip
New York GiantsXavier Grimblecut
Oakland RaidersGiorgio Tavecchioacquired from waivers from Lions
Oakland RaidersKevin Goesslingcut
Oakland RaidersNick KasaPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
Oakland RaidersDJ HaydenPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, foot
Oakland RaidersJuron Crinercut
Oakland RaidersLucas Nixcut
Oakland RaidersTrent Edwardscut
Philadelphia EaglesJulian Vanderveldecut
Pittsburgh SteelersHebron Fangupocut
Pittsburgh SteelersBrian Arnfeltcut
Pittsburgh SteelersLuke Ingramcut
Pittsburgh SteelersTauren Poolecut
Pittsburgh SteelersJordan Hallcut
Pittsburgh SteelersMiguel Maysonetcut
Pittsburgh SteelersC.J. Goodwincut
Pittsburgh SteelersKashif Moorecut
Pittsburgh SteelersEric Waterscut
Pittsburgh SteelersJordan Dangerfieldcut
Pittsburgh SteelersLew Tolercut
Pittsburgh SteelersVic So'otocut
Pittsburgh SteelersChris Elkinscut
Pittsburgh SteelersEmmanuel McCraycut
San Diego ChargersKwame GeathersPlaced on IR, left knee
San Diego ChargersBrandon Gheecut
San Diego ChargersRicky Tjong-A-TjoePlaced on IR, torn right ACL
San Diego ChargersJeromey ClaryPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, hip surgery
San Diego ChargersMarcus CromartiePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Seattle SeahawksEric Pinkinsreserve/non-football-injury, Lisfranc injury left foot
Seattle SeahawksC.J. DavisPlaced on IR, calf
Seattle SeahawksA.J. JeffersonPlaced on IR, ankle
Seattle SeahawksHeath FarwellPlaced on IR, groin
St. Louis RamsSam BradfordPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
St. Louis RamsDemetrius RhaneyPlaced on IR, knee
St. Louis RamsMatt Danielscut
St. Louis RamsSammy Browncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMarc Anthonyacquired from waivers from Titans
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLogan Mankinstraded from Patriots, for TE Tim Wright and a 4th-round pick
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDanny GorrerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeremiah Warrenacquired from waivers from Browns
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDeveron Carrcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJ.B. Shugartscut
Tennessee TitansColin McCarthyPlaced on IR, left shoulder surgery
Tennessee TitansDominique Davissigned from Falcons
Tennessee TitansIsaiah Williamscut
Tennessee TitansDavid Hindscut
Washington RedskinsRashad Rosscut
Washington RedskinsMike McGlynncut
Washington RedskinsMatt Veldmancut
Monday, August 25, 2014
Arizona CardinalsKeenan Claytoncut
Arizona CardinalsJoJo Dicksoncut
Arizona CardinalsTommie Draheimcut
Arizona CardinalsReggie Dunncut
Arizona CardinalsJay Feelycut
Arizona CardinalsDerrell Johnsoncut
Arizona CardinalsDamien Thigpencut
Arizona CardinalsRyan Lindleycut
Arizona CardinalsKevin Oziercut
Arizona CardinalsJustin Renfrowcut
Arizona CardinalsBrandon Sermonscut
Arizona CardinalsMax Starkscut
Arizona CardinalsOrhian Johnsoncut
Baltimore RavensWill RackleyPlaced on IR, concussion
Baltimore RavensShaun Chapascut
Baltimore RavensCierre Woodcut
Baltimore RavensMike Williecut
Baltimore RavensLaQuan Williamscut
Baltimore RavensAustin Spitlercut
Baltimore RavensDeji Olatoyecut
Baltimore RavensMarrio Normancut
Baltimore RavensDavid Mimscut
Baltimore RavensRichie Leonecut
Baltimore RavensNicholas DiMarcocut
Baltimore RavensKapron Lewis-MoorePlaced on IR, Achilles
Baltimore RavensBrett Van Slotencut
Baltimore RavensBrent UrbanPlaced on IR, knee
Baltimore RavensOmar Browncut
Buffalo BillsRonnie Wingocut
Buffalo BillsJ.J. 'Ungacut
Buffalo BillsChris Summerscut
Buffalo BillsMacky MacPhersoncut
Buffalo BillsDamien Jacobscut
Buffalo BillsDerek Brimcut
Buffalo BillsJajuan Harleycut
Buffalo BillsTori Gurleycut
Buffalo BillsJake Dombrowskicut
Buffalo BillsDennis Dixoncut
Buffalo BillsDustin Hopkinscut
Chicago BearsJordan Senncut
Chicago BearsCraig Steltzcut
Chicago BearsJordan Palmercut
Chicago BearsDarius Reynaudcut
Cincinnati BengalsR.J. Stanfordcut
Cincinnati BengalsLarry Blackcut
Cincinnati BengalsQuinn Sharpcut
Cincinnati BengalsRyan Whalencut
Cincinnati BengalsIsaiah Lewiscut
Cleveland BrownsJeremiah Warrencut
Cleveland BrownsMartell Webbcut
Cleveland BrownsAnthony Armstrongcut
Cleveland BrownsKarim Bartonacquired from waivers from Eagles
Cleveland BrownsDonald Hawkinsacquired from waivers from Eagles
Cleveland BrownsTim Smithcut
Cleveland BrownsKeith Poughcut
Cleveland BrownsKeavon Miltoncut
Cleveland BrownsCaleb McSurdycut
Cleveland BrownsRyan Leecut
Cleveland BrownsJonathan Krausecut
Cleveland BrownsCam Hendersoncut
Cleveland BrownsT.J. Heathcut
Cleveland BrownsRoyce Adamscut
Cleveland BrownsEdwin Bakercut
Dallas CowboysMartez Wilsoncut
Dallas CowboysJ.C. Copelandcut
Denver BroncosJerrell Harriscut
Denver BroncosWinston Justicecut
Denver BroncosCharles Mitchellcut
Denver BroncosWill Pericakcut
Denver BroncosBryn Rennercut
Denver BroncosChase Vaughncut
Denver BroncosJerodis Williamscut
Denver BroncosGreg Wilsoncut
Denver BroncosGreg Hardincut
Denver BroncosJamar Chaneycut
Denver BroncosBrennan Claycut
Denver BroncosJordan NorwoodPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
Denver BroncosCody Larsencut
Detroit LionsAaron Hestercut
Detroit LionsChad Abramcut
Detroit LionsDrew Butlercut
Detroit LionsJames Franklincut
Detroit LionsDeJon GomesPlaced on IR, neck
Detroit LionsJonte Greencut
Detroit LionsGiorgio Tavecchiocut
Houston TexansDavid Quessenberryreserve/non-football-injury, non-Hodgkin???s lymphoma
Houston TexansJoe Adamscut
Houston TexansAustin Browncut
Houston TexansDavid Huntercut
Houston TexansAlec Lemoncut
Houston TexansLonnie BallentinePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Houston TexansSam Longocut
Houston TexansJunior Mertilecut
Houston TexansWilliam Powellcut
Houston TexansLawrence Sidburycut
Houston TexansTerrance Lloydcut
Indianapolis ColtsNu'Keese Richardsoncut
Indianapolis ColtsJonathon Sharpecut
Indianapolis ColtsDavid Simscut
Indianapolis ColtsEric Thomascut
Indianapolis ColtsTony Washingtoncut
Indianapolis ColtsKameron Jacksoncut
Indianapolis ColtsJohnny Adamscut
Indianapolis ColtsQua Coxcut
Indianapolis ColtsAndre Curetoncut
Indianapolis ColtsMarcus Hallcut
Indianapolis ColtsCameron Whitecut
Jacksonville JaguarsDeion Beluecut
Jacksonville JaguarsKenny Shawcut
Jacksonville JaguarsCharley Hughlettcut
Jacksonville JaguarsPatrick Lewiscut
Jacksonville JaguarsJoe Youngcut
Jacksonville JaguarsHarvey Ungacut
Jacksonville JaguarsTerrance Cobbcut
Jacksonville JaguarsAntoine Caldwellcut
Jacksonville JaguarsAllen Bradfordcut
Jacksonville JaguarsRamses Bardencut
Jacksonville JaguarsMike Harriscut
Jacksonville JaguarsLamaar Thomascut
Jacksonville JaguarsJosh Hullcut
Kansas City ChiefsDarryl Surgentcut
Kansas City ChiefsSanders CommingsPlaced on IR, broken ankle
Kansas City ChiefsDeon Anthonycut
Kansas City ChiefsJairus Campbellcut
Kansas City ChiefsJermelle Cudjocut
Kansas City ChiefsAdam Schiltzcut
Kansas City ChiefsOtis Hudsoncut
Kansas City ChiefsJerrell Jacksoncut
Kansas City ChiefsBrandon Jonescut
Kansas City ChiefsVernon Kearneycut
Kansas City ChiefsJerron McMilliancut
Kansas City ChiefsWeston Dresslercut
Miami DolphinsSteven Bakercut
Miami DolphinsJake Rogerssigned from Browns
Miami DolphinsCory Grissomsigned from Chiefs
Miami DolphinsDemetrius Wrightcut
Minnesota VikingsErik Loracut
Minnesota VikingsKevin Murphycut
Minnesota VikingsKheeston Randallcut
Minnesota VikingsTyler Scottcut
Minnesota VikingsJake Snydercut
Minnesota VikingsKory Sperrycut
Minnesota VikingsRobert Steeplescut
Minnesota VikingsTy Walkercut
Minnesota VikingsMistral Raymondcut
Minnesota VikingsKamar Jordencut
Minnesota VikingsAndy Crusecut
Minnesota VikingsDerek Coxcut
Minnesota VikingsBrandan Bishopcut
Minnesota VikingsPierce Burtoncut
New England PatriotsJustin Jonescut
New England PatriotsJames Andersoncut
New England PatriotsTommy Kellycut
New England PatriotsWill Smithcut
New Orleans SaintsAndy Tannercut
New Orleans SaintsTy Zimmermancut
New Orleans SaintsTy Nsekhecut
New York JetsDimitri Pattersonsuspended, indefinite by team
Oakland RaidersKyle Auffraycut
Oakland RaidersEmmett Clearycut
Oakland RaidersJustin Colecut
Oakland RaidersMike Daviscut
Oakland RaidersTorell Troupcut
Oakland RaidersRahsaan Vaughncut
Oakland RaidersJansen Watsoncut
San Diego ChargersNick Bectoncut
San Diego ChargersZach Borencut
San Diego ChargersJake Byrnecut
San Diego ChargersBrelan Chancellorcut
San Diego ChargersAdrian Hamiltoncut
San Diego ChargersChase Tenpennycut
San Diego ChargersKerwynn Williamscut
San Diego ChargersJoe Krugeracquired from waivers from Eagles
San Diego ChargersD.J. Johnsoncut
San Diego ChargersRyan Ottencut
San Diego ChargersLowell Rosecut
San Diego ChargersMicah Hatfieldcut
San Francisco 49ersGarrett CelekPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, back
San Francisco 49ersKaleb RamseyPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, undisclosed
San Francisco 49ersBlake Costanzocut
San Francisco 49ersBlake CostanzoTaken off IR, undisclosed
San Francisco 49ersNaVorro BowmanPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, torn left ACL, MCL
San Francisco 49ersBrandon Thomasreserve/non-football-injury, torn right ACL
San Francisco 49ersKeith Reaserreserve/non-football-injury, torn left ACL
San Francisco 49ersTrey Millardreserve/non-football-injury, torn left ACL
San Francisco 49ersMarcus Lattimorereserve/non-football-injury, torn right ACL, LCL, PCL
San Francisco 49ersDavid Reedcut
San Francisco 49ersDevon Wyliecut
San Francisco 49ersKion Wilsoncut
San Francisco 49ersMcLeod Bethel-Thompsoncut
San Francisco 49ersD.J. Campbellcut
San Francisco 49ersKevin Greenecut
San Francisco 49ersColton Schmidtcut
San Francisco 49ersJewel Hamptoncut
Seattle SeahawksThomas Wolfecut
Seattle SeahawksJackson Jeffcoatcut
Seattle SeahawksMike Dobsoncut
Seattle SeahawksDemitrius Bronsoncut
Seattle SeahawksCory Brandoncut
Seattle SeahawksTerrell Thomascut
Seattle SeahawksWade Smithcut
Seattle SeahawksKevin Smithcut
St. Louis RamsJorgen Huscut
St. Louis RamsJordan Harriscut
St. Louis RamsR.J. Dillcut
St. Louis RamsBobby Cowancut
St. Louis RamsJarrid Bryantcut
St. Louis RamsPat Schillercut
St. Louis RamsD.J. Morrellcut
St. Louis RamsKadeem Jonescut
St. Louis RamsJohnny Millardcut
St. Louis RamsT.J. Moecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeremy Caincut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersIan Thompsoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlex Tanneycut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersChaz Suttoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTommy Streetercut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersEric Pagecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersR.J. Mattescut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRyne Giddinscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJason Fostercut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSkye Dawsoncut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJace Danielscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersEuclid Cummingscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDamaso Munozcut
Tennessee TitansJonathan Willardcut
Tennessee TitansDerel Walkercut
Tennessee TitansHakeem Smithcut
Tennessee TitansJaz Reynoldscut
Tennessee TitansMicah Pellerincut
Tennessee TitansKendrick Adamscut
Tennessee TitansJulian Hortoncut
Tennessee TitansTyler Horncut
Tennessee TitansKevin Dansercut
Tennessee TitansLanier Colemancut
Tennessee TitansMarc Anthonycut
Tennessee TitansWaymon Jamescut
Washington RedskinsStephen Campbellcut
Washington RedskinsCody Hoffmancut
Washington RedskinsJeremy Kimbroughcut
Washington RedskinsRashad Lawrencecut
Washington RedskinsRoss Madisoncut
Washington RedskinsBryan Shepherdcut
Washington RedskinsAdrian Robinsoncut
Washington RedskinsJeremy Townscut
Washington RedskinsRob Jacksoncut
Washington RedskinsBrandon Meriweathersuspended, 2 games (NFL Player Safety Rules)
Washington RedskinsAdam Gettiscut
Washington RedskinsJake McDonoughcut
Sunday, August 24, 2014
Atlanta FalconsMike JohnsonPlaced on IR, foot
Atlanta FalconsTyrell Johnsoncut
Atlanta FalconsZeke MottaPlaced on the physically unable to perform list
Atlanta FalconsDrew DavisPlaced on the physically unable to perform list
Atlanta FalconsBrian Wozniakcut
Atlanta FalconsTramaine Thompsoncut
Atlanta FalconsJerome Smithcut
Atlanta FalconsWalker Maycut
Atlanta FalconsJeff Mathewscut
Atlanta FalconsJulian Jonescut
Atlanta FalconsDevonta Glover-Wrightcut
Atlanta FalconsDarin Drakefordcut
Atlanta FalconsBrenden Daleycut
Atlanta FalconsTheo Agnewcut
Atlanta FalconsMarquis SpruillPlaced on IR, torn ACL
Buffalo BillsAlan Branchcut
Carolina PanthersTiquan Underwoodcut
Carolina PanthersCraig Rohcut
Carolina PanthersKealoha Pilarescut
Carolina PanthersAnthony Moralescut
Carolina PanthersMarvin McNuttcut
Carolina PanthersOscar Johnsoncut
Carolina PanthersAlex Hallcut
Carolina PanthersLinden Gaydoshcut
Carolina PanthersJordan Gaycut
Carolina PanthersToney Clemonscut
Chicago BearsMichael Fordcut
Chicago BearsAdrian Wilsoncut
Chicago BearsKofi Hughescut
Chicago BearsGreg Herdcut
Chicago BearsNate Collinscut
Chicago BearsDerricus Purdycut
Chicago BearsPeyton Thompsoncut
Chicago BearsDylan Gandycut
Chicago BearsJoe Longcut
Green Bay PackersChris Harpercut
Green Bay PackersAntonio Dennardcut
Green Bay PackersKorey Jonescut
Green Bay PackersIna Liainacut
Green Bay PackersChase Rettigcut
Green Bay PackersGerrard Sheppardcut
Green Bay PackersCharles Claycut
New York JetsChad Youngcut
New York JetsAnthony Gradycut
New York JetsJacoby Fordcut
New York JetsRas-I Dowlingcut
New York JetsMichael Campbellcut
New York JetsColin Andersoncut
Saturday, August 23, 2014
Detroit LionsTJ JonesPlaced on the physically unable to perform list, right shoulder
Detroit LionsAlex Bullardcut
Detroit LionsA.J. Daltoncut
Detroit LionsGreg Hickmancut
Detroit LionsSteven Millercut
Detroit LionsKris Reddingcut
Detroit LionsConner Vernoncut
New York JetsJacob Schumcut
New York JetsAndrew Furneycut
New York JetsMichael Smithcut
New York JetsBruce Campbellcut
New York JetsPatrick Fordcut
New York JetsMarkus Zusevicscut
New York JetsSteele Divittocut
Philadelphia EaglesAlejandro Villanuevacut
Philadelphia EaglesCarey Spearcut
Philadelphia EaglesDavon Morgancut
Philadelphia EaglesFrances Mayscut
Philadelphia EaglesDaytawion Lowecut
Philadelphia EaglesJoe Krugercut
Philadelphia EaglesJake Knottcut
Philadelphia EaglesEmil Igwenagucut
Philadelphia EaglesDonald Hawkinscut
Philadelphia EaglesB.J. Cunninghamcut
Philadelphia EaglesKadron Boonecut
Philadelphia EaglesKarim Bartoncut
Philadelphia EaglesBlake Annencut
Philadelphia EaglesMichael Bamirocut

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