MLB Play by Play - Detroit vs. Minnesota

Tigers 1st
Boof Bonser pitching:
Curtis Granderson:Ball, Ball, Foul, Granderson homered to right.
Placido Polanco:Ball, Foul, Strike looking, Polanco reached on an infield single.
Miguel Cabrera:Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Cabrera singled to center, Polanco to second.
Magglio Ordonez:Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Ball, Ordonez singled to left, Polanco scored, Cabrera to third.
Carlos Guillen:Foul, Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Guillen singled to center, Cabrera scored, Ordonez to second.
Marcus Thames:Ball, Thames popped out to catcher.
Edgar Renteria:Strike looking, Strike swinging, Renteria singled to right, Ordonez scored, Guillen to third.
Ivan Rodriguez:Strike swinging, Foul, Rodriguez struck out, reached on wild pitch, Guillen scored, Renteria to third.
Jacque Jones:Strike looking, Strike looking, Jones struck out swinging.
Curtis Granderson:Renteria scored, Rodriguez to second on Mauer's throwing error, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Pickoff attempt, Ball, Ball, Foul, Granderson struck out looking.
End of Inning (6 Runs, 6 Hits, 1 Error)
Twins 1st
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Carlos Gomez:Ball, Gomez flied out to third.
Brendan Harris:Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Harris struck out swinging.
Joe Mauer:Strike looking, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Mauer struck out swinging.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 2nd
Boof Bonser pitching:
Placido Polanco:Polanco flied out to deep right.
Miguel Cabrera:Strike looking, Cabrera grounded out to shortstop.
Magglio Ordonez:Ball, Ordonez grounded out to shortstop.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)
Twins 2nd
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Justin Morneau:Ball, Strike looking, Morneau grounded out to pitcher.
Michael Cuddyer:Ball, Strike looking, Strike looking, Cuddyer lined out to second.
Craig Monroe:Foul, Strike looking, Monroe grounded out to first.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 3rd
Boof Bonser pitching:
Carlos Guillen:Guillen flied out to center.
Marcus Thames:Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Foul, Thames singled to shallow left center.
Edgar Renteria:Strike looking, Renteria reached on fielder's choice to shortstop, Thames out at second.
Ivan Rodriguez:Strike swinging, Rodriguez grounded out to pitcher.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)
Twins 3rd
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Delmon Young:Strike swinging, Strike swinging, Ball, Young flied out to right.
Matt Tolbert:Strike looking, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Tolbert struck out swinging.
Nick Punto:Ball, Strike looking, Punto flied out to right.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 4th
Boof Bonser pitching:
Jacque Jones:Jones flied out to shallow shortstop.
Curtis Granderson:Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Granderson struck out swinging.
Placido Polanco:Strike looking, Polanco doubled to left.
Miguel Cabrera:Cabrera flied out to center.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)
Twins 4th
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Carlos Gomez:Strike looking, Strike swinging, Foul, Gomez struck out swinging.
Brendan Harris:Strike swinging, Ball, Strike swinging, Harris struck out looking.
Joe Mauer:Ball, Strike looking, Mauer doubled to left.
Justin Morneau:Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Morneau singled to right, Mauer scored.
Michael Cuddyer:Cuddyer grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Morneau out at second.
End of Inning (1 Run, 2 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 5th
Boof Bonser pitching:
Magglio Ordonez:Ball, Strike looking, Ordonez grounded out to shortstop.
Carlos Guillen:Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Foul, Guillen struck out swinging.
Marcus Thames:Strike looking, Strike swinging, Ball, Thames flied out to center.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)
Twins 5th
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Craig Monroe:Foul, Monroe singled to shallow left center.
Delmon Young:Young singled to center, Monroe to second.
Matt Tolbert:Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Ball, Tolbert flied out to left.
Nick Punto:Punto doubled to right, Monroe and Young scored, Punto to third advancing on throw.
Carlos Gomez:Strike swinging, Ball, Gomez popped out to catcher.
Brendan Harris:Ball, Ball, Foul, Harris grounded out to shortstop.
End of Inning (2 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 6th
Boof Bonser pitching:
Edgar Renteria:Foul, Renteria grounded out to pitcher.
Ivan Rodriguez:Strike looking, Ball, Rodriguez grounded out to shortstop.
Jacque Jones:Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Ball, Jones grounded out to third.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)
Twins 6th
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Joe Mauer:Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Mauer flied out to left.
Justin Morneau:Strike swinging, Ball, Foul, Morneau popped out to shortstop.
Michael Cuddyer:Foul, Strike looking, Cuddyer struck out swinging.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 7th
Matt Guerrier pitching:
Curtis Granderson:Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Strike swinging, Granderson walked.
Placido Polanco:Strike looking, Polanco sacrificed to pitcher, Granderson to second.
Miguel Cabrera:Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Cabrera flied out to center.
Magglio Ordonez:Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Strike looking, Foul, Ordonez lined out to left.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)
Twins 7th
Kenny Rogers pitching:
Craig Monroe:Monroe flied out to left.
Delmon Young:Strike looking, Strike swinging, Foul, Young grounded out to second.
Matt Tolbert:Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Foul, Tolbert doubled to left.
Nick Punto:Ball, Ball, Punto safe at first on 1st baseman Guillen's fielding error, Tolbert to third.
Zach Miner relieved Kenny Rogers.
Carlos Gomez:Ball, Ball, Foul, Gomez reached on an infield single, Tolbert scored, Punto to second.
Brendan Harris:Strike looking, Harris ground-rule doubled to left, Punto scored, Gomez to third.
Bobby Seay relieved Zach Miner.
Joe Mauer:Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Mauer singled to center, Gomez and Harris scored.
Justin Morneau:Pickoff attempt, Foul, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Morneau struck out swinging.
End of Inning (4 Runs, 4 Hits, 1 Error)

Tigers 8th
Matt Guerrier pitching:
Carlos Guillen:Ball, Guillen grounded out to second.
Marcus Thames:Ball, Foul, Strike swinging, Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Thames struck out swinging.
Edgar Renteria:Foul, Ball, Foul, Renteria singled to center.
Ivan Rodriguez:Rodriguez grounded out to pitcher.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)
Twins 8th
Francisco Cruceta pitching:
Michael Cuddyer:Strike looking, Strike swinging, Cuddyer grounded out to shortstop.
Craig Monroe:Strike swinging, Strike looking, Ball, Monroe struck out swinging.
Delmon Young:Ball, Strike looking, Young grounded out to second.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors)

Tigers 9th
Joe Nathan pitching:
Jacque Jones:Strike looking, Jones grounded out to second.
Curtis Granderson:Strike looking, Granderson singled to shallow center.
Placido Polanco:Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Polanco flied out to center.
Miguel Cabrera:Strike swinging, Strike swinging, Granderson stole second, Cabrera struck out swinging.
End of Inning (0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors)