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Week 4 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Dave Richard thinks players on the Chargers and 49ers have bounce-back weeks, and even has a rosy outlook for Alshon Jeffery. Check out his Week 4 Fantasy preview in this edition of the Cheat Sheet.

Weekly Fantasy Football Lineup Winners: A new strategy

Dave Richard goes back to the drawing board in hopes of pulling together a winning FanDuel lineup using a good stack and under-the-radar players.

Week 4 Fantasy Football Trade Values

Looking to unload underperformers like Lamar Miller and Justin Forsett? Our Dave Richard gives you the tools you need to not make a foolish move in his Fantasy Football trade values.

Weekly Fantasy Football Lineup Winners: Seattle stack

Dave Richard has 12 on the mind as he sets his FanDuel tournament lineup for Week 3.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Will Andrew Luck and Frank Gore bounce back this week? Should Drew Brees be trusted? Dave Richard breaks down every Week 3 game in the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Trade Values

LeSean McCoy hasn't quite delivered to expectations through two weeks, and Fantasy owners are freaking out. Dave Richard relays some Shady deals while delivering his Trade Values for Week 3.

Fantasy Football Fallout: Bad news Brees

Drew Brees didn't look like himself in a surprising letdown game versus the Buccaneers. A big hit is partly to blame, says Dave Richard, noting that Brees could miss some time according to reports.

Weekly Fantasy Football Lineup Winners: It's a Brees

Will the Saints be the key to your FanDuel successes in Week 2? Dave Richard has at least one Saint in each of his Week 2 lineups.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Which players who stunk in Week 1 will bounce back in Week 2? Dave Richard's Cheat Sheet will hardwire you into everyone worth starting.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Trade Values

Dez Bryant's injury throws a major wrench into the plans of everyone who drafted him, but does it mean he should be traded for peanuts? Dave Richard looks ahead at when Bryant might be back and what you might expect in trade if you decide to deal him.

Week 1 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Dave Richard likes a lot of players from the Eagles, Broncos and Colts, but that opening game of the year should be great for Fantasy owners. Here's our Week 1 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.

Week 1 Fantasy Football Trade Values

Arian Foster might have landed on Fantasy teams as a big-time bargain. Dave Richard checks into his pre-Week 1 trade value.

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: WR tiers 3.0

What's new with wide receivers? Dave Richard says not much as he produces his revised WR tiers for 2015.

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: RB tiers 3.0

Dave Richard unleashes his final run of running back tiers -- and there's movement around the late-round sleeper candidates.

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: QB tiers 3.0

Dave Richard didn't just drop his final quarterback tiers for the season, he also laid out a strategy worth building around on Draft Day. Don't miss the QB tiers 3.0.

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