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Martavis Bryant's Fantasy Football value rises big-time with reinstatement

Martavis Bryant's return to the NFL is good news for Fantasy, great news for the Steelers and bad news for the Steelers' opponents.

2017 NFL schedule: All the Fantasy Football storylines you need to know

What can we learn about the schedule that can help us draft smarter and win more often in Fantasy Football?

Who's hurt the most in Fantasy Football by Tony Romo's retirement?

Receivers in Denver or Houston would have been much better off if Tony Romo had decided to keep playing.

Is Cam Newton becoming a Fantasy Football bust?

Cam Newton will have offseason arthroscopic shoulder surgery, the latest setback for a much-revered Fantasy Football icon.

What would Marshawn Lynch's Fantasy Football value be with the Raiders?

Marshawn Lynch is contemplating a return to the NFL. Would he warrant a top-60 pick if he came back to Oakland?

Jared Cook's arrival helps another Raider's Fantasy Football stock more than his

Nope, Jared Cook still isn't a tight end worth chasing in Fantasy -- but there is someone else who will benefit from his presence.

Fantasy Football Reaction: Way too soon to call Eddie Lacy a stud in Seattle

Eddie Lacy lands a nice one-year deal with the Seahawks, but his Fantasy fortunes will ultimately be tied to Thomas Rawls.

Can Martellus Bennett recapture some Fantasy Football magic in Green Bay?

After an underwhelming season in New England (even with Tom Brady), Martellus Bennett is in a better position to put up Fantasy points with the Packers.

In Washington, Terrelle Pryor becomes a legitimate Fantasy Football stud

If you thought Terrelle Pryor was good playing with the Browns last year, just wait and see how he does catching passes from Kirk Cousins.

Alshon Jeffery remains a No. 2 Fantasy Football receiver with the Eagles

Like the NFL Draft, Alshon Jeffery is moving from Chicago to Philadelphia. But does that make him a priority in your Fantasy Football draft?

Fantasy Football: DeSean Jackson's signing good for him, better for the Bucs

DeSean Jackson can still deliver good numbers for the Buccaneers, but his presence should really make things better for his new teammates.

Mike Glennon's Fantasy Football impact on key Bears players

Mike Glennon as a Fantasy superhero? Unlikely. But he'll play a big role in how the rest of the Bears' playmakers succeed ... or fail.

Fantasy Football: Has Pierre Garcon struck gold in San Francisco?

Will reuniting with 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan lead to another round of career-highs for Pierre Garcon? Our Dave Richard says that's unlikely.

Fantasy Football: Martellus Bennett headlines free-agent tight ends

Tight ends with some Fantasy appeal look to be on the move this spring. Here's a glance at the top of the position.

Fantasy Football: Best landing spots for Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray

The free agency running back crop is big on names but not playmakers -- or so it seems. Here's a look at who's available for an NFL backfield.

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