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2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: All-H2H and All-Roto teams highlight differences between formats with players like Carlos Santana, Starling Marte

Good players are good and bad players are bad, but some players excel more in one format than another. Scott White highlights several of those players.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Will Matt Harvey be back to normal?

We've been down this road before with Matt Harvey, but thoracic outlet syndrome isn't the quite like Tommy John surgery. Scott White considers whether the hard-throwing righty is worth the investment.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: AL-only Head-to-Head points mock draft puts a premium on aces like Chris Sale, Cole Hamels

In the Head-to-Head format especially, the lack of quality starting pitching in the AL-only player pool will come to define your draft. Scott White looks at the latest results.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: When will we see Yoan Moncada?

He's the most drafted minor-leaguer in Fantasy Baseball and has no clear impediments to his playing time. But will you regret the investment in Yoan Moncada? Scott White examines.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Can we trust Daniel Murphy's breakthrough?

Daniel Murphy was an out-of-nowhere MVP candidate at age 31 last year, but was it legitimate? Scott White takes a look.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Are home runs less valuable after last year's power explosion?

Home runs were hit at levels in 2016 we haven't seen since the steroids era, which will naturally influence the way you construct your roster in 2017.

Fantasy Baseball injury reaction: Alex Reyes goes down, gives Luke Weaver a path

You never want to see the top pitching prospect in the game go down, but if there is a silver lining to Alex Reyes' injury, it's that it reduces the clutter in St. Louis, writes Scott White.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: AL-only 5x5 Rotisserie auction shows scarcity of stolen bases, saves

Auctions provide a clearer measurement of scarcity than the color-by-the numbers snake draft. So what did our AL-only one say? Steals and saves are reeeeally hard to come by, Scott White says.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Is Trea Turner for real?

Trea Turner was the best player in Fantasy Baseball from the time he reached the big leagues last year, but will we see anywhere close to that kind of production again? Scott White examines.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Does Giancarlo Stanton deserve to be downgraded?

Giancarlo Stanton has been a first-rounder in Fantasy since virtually the start of his career, but not this year. Scott White reflects on whether the downgrade is justified.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 12-team 5x5 Head-to-Head categories mock draft casts Jonathan Villar, Billy Hamilton in a different light

The Head-to-Head categories format isn't one of our most frequented, but it brings new considerations that had our Scott White looking at the player pool differently.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Should we draft Kyle Schwarber like he's a catcher?

Kyle Schwarber may not be a catcher in CBS Sports leagues, but that doesn't stop you from drafting him like one. Scott White considers whether that's a good idea.

Instant Fantasy Baseball Reaction: Yankees' signing of Chris Carter a lose-lose-lose-lose

Chris Carter has more Fantasy value with a team than without. But his signing with the Yankees, as Scott White notes, may not be the best thing for Greg Bird, Matt Holliday, Aaron Judge or Carter himself.

2017 Fantasy Baseball draft strategy: Can we afford to doubt Eduardo Nunez with stolen base scarcity?

Eduardo Nunez has bust written all over him, but as scarce as stolen bases are, you may have no choice but to rely on him, according to Scott White.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 12-team 5x5 Rotisserie mock draft shows value of drafting a Kenley Jansen, Zach Britton type closer

Drafting in a Rotisserie league comes with its own challenges, like a stolen base scarcity and the inevitable closer run. Scott White looks at the latest mock.

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