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Fantasy Baseball: Yoenis Cespedes' return casts doubt on Jay Bruce's future, but Chris Carter's is even more up in the air

The Mets agreed to a four-year deal with Yoenis Cespedes, but Scott White says that wasn't the most notable Fantasy Baseball development Wednesday. Chris Carter is now up for grabs.

Fantasy Baseball: Highlighting top shortstop prospects for 2017

The shortstop position is never lacking in prospects, and this year is no exception. Scott White gives his top 10, beginning with a player who made the cut by only two at-bats.

Fantasy Baseball: Trade underscores risk in Jean Segura investment, gives Taijuan Walker new opportunity

The Diamondbacks and Mariners made a big deal Wednesday. Scott White has all the winners and losers for Fantasy Baseball purposes.

Fantasy Baseball: Highlighting top third base prospects for 2017

Third base houses the best prospect in baseball, which is amazing considering all the talent it has graduated to the majors in recent years.

Fantasy Baseball: Highlighting top second base prospects for 2017

Second base isn't normally a prospect-rich position, but it does at least have one big name on the horizon. Scott White reveals his top 10.

Fantasy Baseball: Astros muddle catcher, outfield picture with Brian McCann trade and Josh Reddick signing

The Astros landed a couple of high-demand left-handed bats Thursday, but Scott White says it may not be the best thing for Fantasy Baseball purposes.

Fantasy Baseball: Highlighting top first base prospects for 2017

First base is a position of big bats, and a few, including the Pirates' Josh Bell, are on the horizon. Scott White gives his top 10 prospects at the position.

Fantasy Baseball: Highlighting top 10 catcher prospects for 2017

The catcher position brought us Gary Sanchez and Willson Contreras in 2016, so is more in store in 2017? Scott White highlights the best the minor leagues have to offer.

Fantasy Baseball: First 12-team 5x5 Rotisserie mock draft for 2017

The first mocks for a new season typically surprise from the very first round, and our first foray into the Rotisserie format was no exception. Scott White breaks it down.

Fantasy Baseball: First 12-team Head-to-Head points mock draft for 2017

It's never too early to start mocking. Scott White looks at our first draft for 2017 and its controversial No. 1 pick.

Fantasy Baseball: Side-by-side comparison of Scott White's and Heath Cummings' 2017 rankings

Rankings are only beginning to come together for 2017, but Scott White still compares his with Heath Cummings' version.

Fantasy Baseball Observations: Kyle Schwarber's World Series performance and other odds and ends

Kyle Schwarber's return has clear Fantasy implications, says Scott White, who also weighs in on Matt Carpenter, Garrett Richards, Ryan Braun and other recent developments.

Fantasy Baseball: Early relief pitcher rankings for 2017

Not every relief pitcher is safe, of course, but according to Scott White, the best have become so plentiful that choosing between them can be a challenge. He gives his top 24 for 2017.

Fantasy Baseball: Early starting pitcher rankings for 2017

Clayton Kershaw is No. 1 again, but Scott White says that was one of the easy decisions at what's becoming an increasingly complicated position.

Fantasy Baseball: Early outfield rankings for 2017

Mike Trout or Mookie Betts? And how much do we downgrade Andrew McCutchen and Giancarlo Stanton coming off disappointing seasons? Scott White takes his first crack at the outfield rankings.

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