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2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Shortstop tiers

Shortstop is still weak, but not like it once was. A new wave of talent gives Fantasy owners new reason for optimism, according to Scott White

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Third base tiers

Third base has no fewer than three first round-caliber players, but Scott White says you'll need to act quickly to avoid getting burned at the position.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Outfield tiers

Outfield is a large position, which makes implementing tiers rather tricky. Scott White takes inventory, beginning with an 'Unmatched' tier of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Relief pitcher tiers

Wade Davis makes a big step up to the elite category with Greg Holland out of his way. Scott White breaks down the oft-volatile relief pitcher position.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Catcher tiers

Catcher is never a particularly strong position, but it does have a promising newcomer in Kyle Schwarber. Scott White breaks down the distribution of talent.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Second base tiers

Second base is pretty thin at the top, with Jose Altuve and Dee Gordon the only true standouts, but Scott White says it's one of the deeper positions overall this year.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: First base tiers

First base is widely considered the deepest position in Fantasy, but Scott White says in his first base tiers that the high-end talent depletes faster than you think.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Starting pitcher tiers

You'll find aces aplenty at starting pitcher this year, which makes drafting a couple an even higher priority, according to Scott White.

Draft Day Dilemmas: You mean first base is ... shallow?

First base has long been considered the deepest position in Fantasy Baseball, but Scott White says it thins out considerably after the first three rounds of a mixed-league draft.

2016 Draft Prep: 12-team mixed Head-to-Head mock

Scott White and company held another mock draft, and the changing starting pitcher landscape was once again a highlight, along with a controversial Matt Carpenter pick.

Draft Day Dilemmas: Is Troy Tulowitzki ruined?

Troy Tulowitzki has been the ultimate risk/reward pick in Fantasy Baseball the last few years, but Scott White says the latter may no longer justify the former.

Draft Day Dilemmas: Is Miguel Cabrera too risky for Round 1?

Miguel Cabrera has been a fixture in the first round over the years. Scott White wonders if that's still true coming off an injury-plagued season.

Draft Day Dilemmas: Has Bryce Harper eclipsed Mike Trout?

Mike Trout was widely considered the best player in Fantasy Baseball until Bryce Harper outperformed him in 2015. So who has the edge entering 2016?

Instant Fantasy Reaction: Doomsday for Corey Dickerson?

The Rays have a new left fielder and the Rockies a new closer, but do Fantasy owners come out ahead in this deal?

Texas Rangers team outlook

The Rangers were surprise winners of the AL West last season, and according to Scott White, they could get better with the return of Yu Darvish and influx of young talent this season.

Raised in Atlanta by a board game-loving family during the dawn of the '90s Braves dynasty, Scott White was easy prey for the Fantasy Sports, in particular Fantasy Baseball, and has devoted his adulthood to understanding this game about a game. In another time, they would have castigated him for entertaining such fancies, but in these times of plenty, they dress him in a suit and parade him to the masses. Though a believer in the numbers, they're to him no substitute for intuition and common sense. Follow Scott @CBSScottWhite

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