Report: Mitch Williams suing MLB Network, Deadspin

Former MLB player and MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams has filed a lawsuit against MLB Network for wrongful termination and is also suing MLB Network and for defamation, reports

The issue stems from back in May when Williams reportedly screamed profanities at an umpire, per, and ordered a beanball of a 10 year old kid. Shortly thereafter, Williams took a leave of absence from MLB Network.

According to, here's some information on the lawsuit:

The suit alleges that the MLB Network wanted Williams to sign a contract saying he would no longer attend the sporting events of his five children. When he refused, Williams said he was fired, losing out in the approximately $2 million balance of his contract, along with positions at, the Sports Network and Fox Sports. Williams is seeking damages separately from each party.

As far as the defamation part of the lawsuit, it seems unlikely he'll have success with that, given that he apologized for his actions:

If he did nothing wrong and therefore was defamed, he wouldn't have anything to apologize for, right?

As far as the wrongful termination lawsuit, it's hard to know if he has a case or not at this point.

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