The news that Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving demanded a trade last week took most people by surprise -- including Irving's teammate, LeBron James.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, LeBron was informed right after Irving's meeting with the team and had no previous knowledge that Kyrie wanted a trade. Windhorst further discussed James' reaction with Pablo Torre on Friday's edition of Pardon the Interruption.

"You know, I'm keeping the language just down the middle in that story, Pablo," Windhorst said. "LeBron was devastated, from what I understandCertainly, they had their run-ins at times, but he felt an affection and an attachment to Kyrie. Yes, he is only signed for one more year, but he hasn't made up his mind and Kyrie is signed for two more years. Kyrie was positioned to have his own choice in two years.

"Really, LeBron thought they were going to come back together and try to beat the Warriors next year. That's what he's focused on, that's what he's planning on doing."

This hasn't been a good offseason for James, who was also reportedly frustrated and concerned over the Cavs' front office shakeups and lack of moves this offseason. If Kyrie ends up being traded it could drastically change the landscape of the NBA -- the Eastern Conference in particular -- and could serve as even further motivation for James to look outside of Cleveland when his contract is up at the end of next season.