Chris Davis will answer your silly question now

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Chris Davis of the Orioles is, at this writing, slugging .728 and on pace for 61 homers and 49 doubles. Because this is the blinder era that we live in, in which far too many have a child's grasp of the revelant issues, questions about the source of his power surge aren't hard to find.

On that point comes this uncommonly terse exchange on Twitter ...

Got that? Don't take him at his word if you like, but let the record show this plain and firm denial.

Thankfully, I haven't seen this kind of speculation in question form in any reputable quarters, but I suppose it's a matter of time. Underpinning such questions, though, is a seeming ignorance of the fact that unlikely surges and fluke seasons have been a part of baseball since time immemorial. They'll still continue to be a part of baseball even though the most rigorous drug-testing program in professional sports is in place.

As for Davis in particular, asking such questions of him also ignores that his rise has coincided with regular playing time and movement toward what should be his prime seasons (he's now 27).

There's really nothing lazier than unholstering the steroids accusations at first glimpse of a breakout season. So let us remember two things: Not all who are good at baseball use PEDs, and not all who use PEDs are good at baseball.

Perhaps, at this juncture, a Venn diagram would be helpful ...


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