Here are the final 2016 MLB stat leaders for each major pitching, hitting categories

Sunday's baseball results put the finishing touches on 2016 regular season. The playoffs are of course in the offing, but before we get down the matter of crowning a champion, let's take a quick look at some hitting and pitching statistical leaders for the freshly completed regular season. As always, you can poke around the full leaderboards on our stats pages, but here's a rundown of the final leaders in some notable categories ...

Batting leaders

Mike Trout is your WAR champ. USATSI

Batting Average

AL -Jose Altuve, Astros: .338
NL -DJ LeMahieu, Rockies: .348

Home Runs
AL -Mark Trumbo, Orioles: 47
NL -Nolan Arenado, Rockies; Chris Carter, Brewers: 41

AL -Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays: 127
NL -Nolan Arenado, Rockies: 133

Runs scored
AL -Mike Trout, Angels: 123
NL -Kris Bryant, Cubs: 121

AL -Jose Altuve, Astros: 216
NL -Jean Segura, Diamondbacks: 203

On-base percentage
AL -Mike Trout, Angels: .441
NL -Joey Votto, Reds: .435

Slugging percentage
AL -David Ortiz, Red Sox: .625
NL -Daniel Murphy, Nationals: .596

AL - David Ortiz, Red Sox: 1.021
NL - Daniel Murphy, Nationals; Joey Votto, Reds: .985

AL -David Ortiz, Red Sox: 48
NL -Daniel Murphy, Nationals: 47

AL - Adam Eaton, White Sox: 9
NL - Brandon Crawford, Giants; Cesar Hernandez, Phillies; Chris Owings, Diamondbacks: 11

Stolen bases
AL - Rajai Davis, Indians: 43
NL - Jonathan Villar, Brewers: 61

Total bases
AL -Mookie Betts, Red Sox: 359
NL -Nolan Arenado, Rockies: 350

Extra-base hits
AL - David Ortiz, Red Sox: 87
NL - Freddie Freeman, Braves: 83

Batter strikeouts
AL -Chris Davis, Orioles: 219
NL -Chris Carter, Brewers: 205

AL -Mike Trout, Angels: 116
NL -Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks: 110

Times hit by pitch
AL - Brandon Guyer, Indians: 31
NL - Derek Dietrich, Marlins: 24

Intentional walks
AL -Miguel Cabrera, Tigers; David Ortiz, Red Sox: 15
NL -Bryce Harper, Nationals: 20

Double plays hit into
AL -Miguel Cabrera, Tigers: 26
NL -Martin Prado, Marlins: 24

Games played
AL - Jonathan Schoop, Orioles; George Springer, Astros: 162
NL - Nolan Arenado, Rockies; Chris Carter, Brewers; Odubel Herrera, Phillies: 159

Wins above replacement (WAR), position players
AL -Mike Trout, Angels: 10.4
NL -Kris Bryant, Cubs: 7.6

Pitching leaders

Max Scherzer is your strikeouts leader. USATSI


AL - Aaron Sanchez, Blue Jays: 3.00
NL -Kyle Hendricks, Cubs: 2.13

AL -David Price, Red Sox: 230
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 228 1/3

AL - Justin Verlander, Tigers: 254
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 284

AL -Rick Porcello, Red Sox: 22
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 20

AL -Chris Archer, Rays; James Shields, White Sox (and Padres): 19
NL -Jimmy Nelson, Brewers: 16

AL - Zach Britton, Orioles: 47
NL - Jeurys Familia, Mets: 51

Blown saves
AL - Nate Jones, White Sox: 9
NL - Santiago Casilla, Giants: 9

Home runs allowed
AL -James Shields, White Sox (and Padres): 40
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 31

Walks allowed
AL -Francisco Liriano, Blue Jays (and Pirates): 85
NL -Jimmy Nelson, Brewers: 86

K/BB ratio
AL -Rick Porcello, Red Sox: 5.91
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 5.07

Quality starts
AL -Rick Porcello, Red Sox; Justin Verlander, Tigers: 26
NL -Jon Lester, Cubs; Max Scherzer, Nationals: 26

AL -Corey Kluber, Indians: 2
NL -Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers: 3

Complete games
AL -Chris Sale, White Sox: 6
NL -Johnny Cueto, Giants: 5

Fielding-independent ERA (FIP)
AL -Corey Kluber, Indians: 3.25
NL -Jose Fernandez, Marlins: 2.29

Wins above replacement (WAR), pitchers
AL -Corey Kluber, Indians: 6.5
NL -Max Scherzer, Nationals: 6.5

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