Laynce Nix vs. Nike

Laynce Nix is sending out a smoldering glare in Nike's direction. (Getty Images)

This surely isn't what the Nike Industrial Complex had in mind when years ago it invoked the "It's Gotta Be the Shoes" merchandising call to action. And by "this," I mean the insistence of Phillies outfielder Laynce Nix that his since-discarded Nike baseball shoes are to blame for last season's injury woes. Here's what Nix tells Dennis Deitch of the Delaware County Daily Times ...

"To be short and direct, the shoes that I was wearing didn’t flex where my toes flex, and it caused tension in the Achilles’ (tendon) and calves. That built up for a couple of years in my Achilles and calves." ...

Nix said a conversation with Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino — both wearers of Nike products, and both of whom have had calf issues in the past — led him to suspect his cleats were the problem.

"They had (calf issues) too, and had worn Nikes before," Nix said. "Certain shoes that Nike makes just don’t do that (offer toe flex), and it’s really shocking. ...

"If you look back at the same time (Yankees first baseman) Mark Teixeira and (Angels first baseman) Albert Pujols had calf strains, and so did I wearing the same type of shoes. That was sort of eye-opening to me, so I had to make a change of shoes. It was very frustrating, because it wasn’t anything I did from a lack of training or strengthening."

Little room for nuance there.

Meanwhile, word of a marketing problem has reached Mordor.

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