For the most part, Tim Tebow's transition from the gridiron to the diamond has been a well-kept secret. OK, not really. But things have gotten quiet over the past few weeks, as the novelty has worn off.

Expect the Tebow-related buzz to pick up in the coming weeks, however, as the New York Mets are reportedly considering promoting him around midseason, per Mike Puma of the New York Post:

Presumably the Mets would bump Tebow up a level, to their St. Lucie affiliate (nicknamed the Mets) in the Florida State League. Given Tebow's drawing power in Florida, that would likely be a popular decision.

Tebow, for his part, has performed better than you would expect for someone with limited exposure to professional pitchers. He entered Friday hitting .250/.330/.370 in 112 plate appearances. The usual caveats apply -- yes, he's 29 on a team where the next-oldest regular is 22; yes, there are significant reasons to doubt his ability to have a meaningful big-league career; and so on -- but it's fair to write that nobody expected him to produce the second-best OPS on the team among qualifiers. 

We'll see whether Tebow can continue to outpace expectations if and when he's promoted.