O.Co Coliseum already dealing with sewage flooding

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The season hasn't even started yet, but O.Co Coliseum -- home of the wild and crazy Oakland Athletics -- is already experiencing flooding problems. Remember, this happened at least twice last season and involved sewage.

Saturday, the A's were set for an exhibition game against their Bay-area buddy Giants, but dealt with some rain. Note the picture:

And then, it was on.

If so inclined, A's coach Mike Gallego has provided video footage of the water backup in the locker rooms.

Seriously, what an embarrassment. The season hasn't even started and there's a sewage problem in a stadium where one of 30 teams from a business that earns $8 billion in revenues plays. Find a freaking solution.

On the bright side, the A's are only signed with O.Co Coliseum through the 2015 season! (We'll leave out the fact that they don't have another stadium yet lined up for the years after that).

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