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On Monday, Major League Baseball agreed on terms for the 2021 season with the players union and outlined COVID-19 safety protocols and on-field rule changes. In addition, The Athletic reported on changes the league was making to the baseball itself for 2021. The weight of the new baseballs will be decreased by less than one-tenth of an ounce.

During Tuesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," former Marlins executive David Samson reacted to the decision to increase the weight of the balls. He believes that it all comes back to money.

"The reason for deadening the ball is money," Samson said. "We would sit in the competition committee and say, 'Well we don't want more offense because we'd have to pay players more due to arbitration and free agency.' There's no doubt that people enjoy 10-8 games more than they enjoy 2-0 games."

MLB teams hit a record-breaking 6,776 home runs during the 2019 season. In addition, there were 1.39 home runs per team per game in 2019 (the last full season), which also set a record.