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Anthony Edwards was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft in large part because of his athletic upside. For all of the concerns about his motor, production and history on losing teams, nobody could deny how high he could jump. That was on full display in Tuesday's matchup with the Denver Nuggets as Edwards gained so much altitude on a dunk attempt that he hit his head on the backboard while putting the ball through the hoop. 

The play came in the second quarter, with Denver leading Minnesota by 16 points. Edwards missed a jumper, but Jarred Vanderbilt got the offensive rebound and hit Edwards on a nice cut to the basket. And then, Edwards took flight. 

It's not quite visible on the video, but look at the pictures shared by the Timberwolves. It's clear there: Edwards hit his head on the backboard. 

Top dunkers hitting their heads on the backboard isn't totally unprecedented. Blake Griffin, for instance, did it earlier in his career. 

But it's a rarity, especially for smaller guards that have to jump higher to put themselves in that situation in the first place. But Edwards did it as he's one of the few guards athletic enough to even have that problem in the first place. That's a problem the Timberwolves are happy to have. Edwards has flashed star potential in his first two weeks as a professional, and this is just the latest example of that incredible upside.