WATCH: LeBron blocks Steph Curry and lets him know about it

Things have gotten pretty personal between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, and particularly between LeBron James and several members of the Warriors. James, after getting hit in the groin and being called names by Draymond Green in Game 4, also got into it with Stephen Curry.

In Game 6, in the closing minutes, Curry went to drive, and the King sent him packing.

Then he let him know about it.

That is some message sending if there ever was message sending. James positively alerted the first unanimous MVP in history whose house it was. Curry would then go on to foul out, then pick up a technical, then throw his mouthguard and hit a fan.

He did have 30 points, though, in a loss to force Game 7 in Oracle Sunday night, so he's got that going for him.

Maybe the Warriors will want to not look to anger the 250 lb. superhuman the next time they play in a series.

LeBron lets the MVP know something. ESPN
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