Stephen Curry went on-tilt after fouling out in Game 6 of the Finals vs. the Cavaliers. Curry faced foul trouble all game thanks to terrible decisions, trying to draw fouls flopping and risking contact, and then reaching constantly. When he picked up that sixth foul, Curry lost it, throwing his mouthpiece and actually hitting a fan.

Curry picked up a tech, then threw his mouthpiece, screamed at an official, and was ejected thanks to his outburst. There's little precedent for suspending a player for throwing his mouthpiece, and there's no way the league will suspend the best player in the league for Game 7 of the Finals for throwing his mouthpiece.

Curry became the sixth player in NBA history to drop 30 points and foul out in a Finals game.

The bigger question is where the Warriors' collective heads are at after this loss. Draymond Green losing his cool is one thing, but for Steph Curry, the Golden Boy, always so calm, cool and collected to completely lose it on a stage this big makes you wonder where Golden State is at emotionally, and if they're letting the understandable feelings of being on this stage with the stakes this high get the best of them.

We'll see if they can respond in Game 7.

Steph Curry lost his cool in Game 6. ESPN