Team USA will be wearing navy blazers and blue jeans from Ralph Lauren when the 2024 Paris Olympics get underway. On Tuesday, Ralph Lauren unveiled the classic ensemble that the American athletes will be wearing for the opening ceremony of the Summer Games, which begin next month.

Ralph Lauren will be designing Team USA's opening ceremony look for the ninth time. 

David Lauren, Ralph Lauren's chief branding and innovation officer, revealed that the classic look embodies the United States perfectly.

"We work very closely with Team USA to make the athletes feel at once dressed up, feel like a team, but at the same time comfortable and very distinctively American," Lauren told The Associated Press. "Nothing says America like blue jeans, especially when we're in Paris. And it gives the athletes a chance to feel a sense of a culture but also feel like themselves and what is natural."

Team USA will wear wool blazers that are colored with red, white, and blue, and will couple that with a blue-and-white striped Oxford shirt and cream-colored suede shoes. The jeans are expected to be tapered, while the Americans will also sport blue neckties.

The American athletes who are serving as Team USA's flag bearers will receive different colorways to stand out during the opening ceremony.

When Team USA participates in the closing ceremony, they will wear white, moto-style denim jeans that will include matching jackets consisting of red, white, and blue. These particular outfits will be worn for the Olympics and Paralympics, and were both made in the United States.

"Ralph Lauren has once again created designs that not only capture the essence of American style but also embody the spirit and pride of Team USA," US Olympic & Paralympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland said in a statement. "This iconic apparel serves as a symbol of unity and inspiration for both our team and the millions of fans who will be cheering them on."