2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Prospects-only draft for dynasty leagues

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It comes as no shock that all dynasty leagues are different, and one of the most common ways they're different is how they distribute minor-league talent.

In our recent dynasty startup mock, the prospects were drafted right alongside the major-leaguers. That's one way to do it.

Another way is to separate the two: a draft just for minor-leaguers, independent of the major-leaguers.

It's how we handled things this time around. Anyone with rookie eligibility, which basically means no more than 130 at-bats or 50 innings at the major-league level, qualified for this draft. There's also a service time maximum that prevented Corbin Burnes from being drafted, but it's rarely the reason a player loses rookie eligibility.

Each team drafted 10 prospects with no regard for position. We did it with Head-to-Head points scoring in mind, mostly to even the playing field for pitchers and hitters. Rotisserie prospect drafts tend to overdo it on the hitters since the threshold for making an impact at pitcher is so much higher in that format.

For the most part, I stuck to my top 100 prospects, straying only for a couple Rockies hitters, Colton Welker and Tyler Nevin. I figure nothing raises a hitting prospect's probability like having a future at Coors Field. Other owners were willing to project a little further into the future, targeting 17- and 18-year-olds like Malcom Nunez, Julio Rodriguez and Marco Luciano in the hope they become the next wave of high-end prospects over the next couple years.

It's a viable, perhaps even advisable, approach in leagues where you can keep prospects indefinitely at no real cost. If you can see their development through to the end, the possibility for a higher impact is probably worth the wait. Of course, how close you are to contention also has a say.

But I left those hypotheticals to the ones doing the drafting. Cue the introductions:

1 - Cubby Nole, Fantasy Front Office (@CubbyNole)
2 - Chris Towers, CBS Sports (@CTowersCBS)
3 - Scott White, CBS Sports (@CBSScottWhite)
4 - Ray Butler, Prospects 365 (@Prospects365)
5 - Zack Waxman, Fake Teams (@zackwaxman)
6 - Matt Williams, Fake Teams/Turn Two Podcast (@MattWi77iams)
7 - Scott Greene, Prospects1500 (@Scotty_Ballgame)
8 - Heath Cummings, CBS Sports (@heathcummingssr)
9 - Nicky Tapas, FantasyPros (@nickytapas71)
10 - Tom Ogonowski, Future Studskis (@ProspectFiend)
11 - Donkey Teeth, Razzball (@DonkeyTeeth87)
12 - Paul Martin, Prospects 1500/Friends with Fantasy Benefits (@PaulTheMartin)

And I bet you can guess who the first pick was.

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Cubby Nole V. Guerrero 3B TOR
2 Chris Towers E. Jimenez LF CHW
3 Scott White F. Tatis SS SD
4 Ray Butler V. Robles CF WAS
5 Zack Waxman F. Whitley SP HOU
6 Matt Williams N. Senzel 2B CIN
7 Scott Greene R. Lewis SS MIN
8 Heath Cummings K. Tucker LF HOU
9 Nicky Tapas J. Adell CF LAA
10 Tom Ogonowski W. Franco SS TB
11 Donkey Teeth J. Luzardo SP OAK
12 Paul Martin K. Hiura 2B MIL
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Paul Martin A. Kirilloff RF MIN
14 Donkey Teeth B. Bichette SS TOR
15 Tom Ogonowski P. Alonso 1B NYM
16 Nicky Tapas T. Trammell CF CIN
17 Heath Cummings A. Reyes SP STL
18 Scott Greene Y. Kikuchi SP SEA
19 Matt Williams B. Rodgers SS COL
20 Zack Waxman C. Kieboom SS WAS
21 Ray Butler Y. Alvarez LF HOU
22 Scott White B. Honeywell SP TB
23 Chris Towers F. Mejia C SD
24 Cubby Nole J. India 3B CIN
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Cubby Nole T. Larnach RF MIN
26 Chris Towers A. Puk SP OAK
27 Scott White M. Kopech SP CHW
28 Ray Butler M. Gore SP SD
29 Zack Waxman J. Kelenic CF SEA
30 Matt Williams J. Bart C SF
31 Scott Greene S. Sanchez SP MIA
32 Heath Cummings M. Soroka SP ATL
33 Nicky Tapas L. Urias 2B SD
34 Tom Ogonowski A. Riley 3B ATL
35 Donkey Teeth V. Brujan 2B TB
36 Paul Martin G. Hampson SS COL
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Paul Martin K. Robinson CF ARI
38 Donkey Teeth N. Gorman 3B STL
39 Tom Ogonowski L. Garcia SS WAS
40 Nicky Tapas I. Anderson SP ATL
41 Heath Cummings B. McKay SP TB
42 Scott Greene C. Mize SP DET
43 Matt Williams M. Keller SP PIT
44 Zack Waxman D. Cease SP CHW
45 Ray Butler A. Gimenez SS NYM
46 Scott White V. Mesa CF MIA
47 Chris Towers A. Verdugo RF LAD
48 Cubby Nole C. Paddack SP SD
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Cubby Nole G. Lux SS LAD
50 Chris Towers B. Lowe 2B TB
51 Scott White K. Ruiz C LAD
52 Ray Butler J. Sanchez RF TB
53 Zack Waxman N. Lowe 1B TB
54 Matt Williams N. Madrigal 2B CHW
55 Scott Greene E. Florial CF NYY
56 Heath Cummings J. James SP HOU
57 Nicky Tapas L. Robert CF CHW
58 Tom Ogonowski T. O'Neill RF STL
59 Donkey Teeth J. Chisholm SS ARI
60 Paul Martin T. Toussaint SP ATL
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Paul Martin J. Adams CF LAA
62 Donkey Teeth N. Hoerner SS CHC
63 Tom Ogonowski M. Manning SP DET
64 Nicky Tapas N. Pearson SP TOR
65 Heath Cummings T. McKenzie SP CLE
66 Scott Greene C. Pache CF ATL
67 Matt Williams H. Greene SP CIN
68 Zack Waxman M. Nunez 3B STL
69 Ray Butler B. Graterol SP MIN
70 Scott White C. Welker 3B COL
71 Chris Towers K. Wright RP ATL
72 Cubby Nole D. Varsho C ARI
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Cubby Nole L. Patino SP SD
74 Chris Towers J. Sheffield RP SEA
75 Scott White D. Jansen C TOR
76 Ray Butler D. Waters CF ATL
77 Zack Waxman G. Lavigne 1B COL
78 Matt Williams M. Liberatore SP TB
79 Scott Greene X. Edwards SS SD
80 Heath Cummings N. Jones 3B CLE
81 Nicky Tapas B. Wilson RP ATL
82 Tom Ogonowski M. Melendez C KC
83 Donkey Teeth K. Hayes 3B PIT
84 Paul Martin G. Valera CF CLE
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Paul Martin Y. Diaz RF BAL
86 Donkey Teeth O. Cruz SS PIT
87 Tom Ogonowski D. Cameron CF DET
88 Nicky Tapas A. Medina SP PHI
89 Heath Cummings C. Biggio 2B TOR
90 Scott Greene K. Smith SS TOR
91 Matt Williams A. Bohm 3B PHI
92 Zack Waxman M. Vientos 3B NYM
93 Ray Butler D. Dunning SP CHW
94 Scott White T. Nevin 1B COL
95 Chris Towers C. Stewart LF DET
96 Cubby Nole K. Lee CF KC
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Cubby Nole J. Rodriguez OF SEA
98 Chris Towers J. Duplantier SP ARI
99 Scott White B. Singer SP KC
100 Ray Butler A. Morejon SP SD
101 Zack Waxman C. Poche RP TB
102 Matt Williams T. Swaggerty CF PIT
103 Scott Greene D. Hall SP BAL
104 Heath Cummings S. Matias RF KC
105 Nicky Tapas R. Mountcastle 3B BAL
106 Tom Ogonowski M. Baez SP SD
107 Donkey Teeth R. Mauricio SS NYM
108 Paul Martin M. Luciano SS SF
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Paul Martin B. Thompson CF TEX
110 Donkey Teeth S. Apostel 3B TEX
111 Tom Ogonowski L. Allen SP SD
112 Nicky Tapas H. Ramos CF SF
113 Heath Cummings L. Gohara RP ATL
114 Scott Greene R. Hernandez C TB
115 Matt Williams J. Dunn SP SEA
116 Zack Waxman M. Chavis 3B BOS
117 Ray Butler J. Jones 2B LAA
118 Scott White J. Loaisiga RP NYY
119 Chris Towers W. Astudillo C MIN
120 Cubby Nole E. Ruiz 2B SD
Team by Team
Cubby Nole
Rd Pk Player
1 1 V. Guerrero 3B TOR
2 24 J. India 3B CIN
3 25 T. Larnach RF MIN
4 48 C. Paddack SP SD
5 49 G. Lux SS LAD
6 72 D. Varsho C ARI
7 73 L. Patino SP SD
8 96 K. Lee CF KC
9 97 J. Rodriguez OF SEA
10 120 E. Ruiz 2B SD
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 2 E. Jimenez LF CHW
2 23 F. Mejia C SD
3 26 A. Puk SP OAK
4 47 A. Verdugo RF LAD
5 50 B. Lowe 2B TB
6 71 K. Wright RP ATL
7 74 J. Sheffield RP SEA
8 95 C. Stewart LF DET
9 98 J. Duplantier SP ARI
10 119 W. Astudillo C MIN
Scott White
Rd Pk Player
1 3 F. Tatis SS SD
2 22 B. Honeywell SP TB
3 27 M. Kopech SP CHW
4 46 V. Mesa CF MIA
5 51 K. Ruiz C LAD
6 70 C. Welker 3B COL
7 75 D. Jansen C TOR
8 94 T. Nevin 1B COL
9 99 B. Singer SP KC
10 118 J. Loaisiga RP NYY
Ray Butler
Rd Pk Player
1 4 V. Robles CF WAS
2 21 Y. Alvarez LF HOU
3 28 M. Gore SP SD
4 45 A. Gimenez SS NYM
5 52 J. Sanchez RF TB
6 69 B. Graterol SP MIN
7 76 D. Waters CF ATL
8 93 D. Dunning SP CHW
9 100 A. Morejon SP SD
10 117 J. Jones 2B LAA
Zack Waxman
Rd Pk Player
1 5 F. Whitley SP HOU
2 20 C. Kieboom SS WAS
3 29 J. Kelenic CF SEA
4 44 D. Cease SP CHW
5 53 N. Lowe 1B TB
6 68 M. Nunez 3B STL
7 77 G. Lavigne 1B COL
8 92 M. Vientos 3B NYM
9 101 C. Poche RP TB
10 116 M. Chavis 3B BOS
Matt Williams
Rd Pk Player
1 6 N. Senzel 2B CIN
2 19 B. Rodgers SS COL
3 30 J. Bart C SF
4 43 M. Keller SP PIT
5 54 N. Madrigal 2B CHW
6 67 H. Greene SP CIN
7 78 M. Liberatore SP TB
8 91 A. Bohm 3B PHI
9 102 T. Swaggerty CF PIT
10 115 J. Dunn SP SEA
Scott Greene
Rd Pk Player
1 7 R. Lewis SS MIN
2 18 Y. Kikuchi SP SEA
3 31 S. Sanchez SP MIA
4 42 C. Mize SP DET
5 55 E. Florial CF NYY
6 66 C. Pache CF ATL
7 79 X. Edwards SS SD
8 90 K. Smith SS TOR
9 103 D. Hall SP BAL
10 114 R. Hernandez C TB
Heath Cummings
Rd Pk Player
1 8 K. Tucker LF HOU
2 17 A. Reyes SP STL
3 32 M. Soroka SP ATL
4 41 B. McKay SP TB
5 56 J. James SP HOU
6 65 T. McKenzie SP CLE
7 80 N. Jones 3B CLE
8 89 C. Biggio 2B TOR
9 104 S. Matias RF KC
10 113 L. Gohara RP ATL
Nicky Tapas
Rd Pk Player
1 9 J. Adell CF LAA
2 16 T. Trammell CF CIN
3 33 L. Urias 2B SD
4 40 I. Anderson SP ATL
5 57 L. Robert CF CHW
6 64 N. Pearson SP TOR
7 81 B. Wilson RP ATL
8 88 A. Medina SP PHI
9 105 R. Mountcastle 3B BAL
10 112 H. Ramos CF SF
Tom Ogonowski
Rd Pk Player
1 10 W. Franco SS TB
2 15 P. Alonso 1B NYM
3 34 A. Riley 3B ATL
4 39 L. Garcia SS WAS
5 58 T. O'Neill RF STL
6 63 M. Manning SP DET
7 82 M. Melendez C KC
8 87 D. Cameron CF DET
9 106 M. Baez SP SD
10 111 L. Allen SP SD
Donkey Teeth
Rd Pk Player
1 11 J. Luzardo SP OAK
2 14 B. Bichette SS TOR
3 35 V. Brujan 2B TB
4 38 N. Gorman 3B STL
5 59 J. Chisholm SS ARI
6 62 N. Hoerner SS CHC
7 83 K. Hayes 3B PIT
8 86 O. Cruz SS PIT
9 107 R. Mauricio SS NYM
10 110 S. Apostel 3B TEX
Paul Martin
Rd Pk Player
1 12 K. Hiura 2B MIL
2 13 A. Kirilloff RF MIN
3 36 G. Hampson SS COL
4 37 K. Robinson CF ARI
5 60 T. Toussaint SP ATL
6 61 J. Adams CF LAA
7 84 G. Valera CF CLE
8 85 Y. Diaz RF BAL
9 108 M. Luciano SS SF
10 109 B. Thompson CF TEX

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