After Dustin Johnson won Bridgeston last week, I got curious. It was Johnson's 11th win in 194 PGA Tour events which seems like a solid winning percentage (and it is). But how does it rank against the other stars on the PGA Tour. Let's say those who have 10 wins or more.

Well, I'm glad you asked. Here is the winning percentage for every active PGA Tour player with 10 or more wins.

  • Tiger Woods: 79 wins in 324 events -- 24.2 percent
  • Phil Mickelson: 42 wins in 542 events -- 7.75 percent
  • Vijay Singh: 34 wins in 584 events -- 5.82 percent
  • Davis Love III: 21 wins in 733 events -- 2.86 percent
  • Ernie Els: 19 wins in 420 events -- 4.52 percent
  • Jim Furyk: 17 wins in 551 events -- 3.09 percent
  • David Toms: 13 wins in 607 events -- 2.14 percent
  • Adam Scott: 13 wins in 259 events -- 5.02 percent
  • Zach Johnson: 12 wins in 330 events -- 3.64 percent
  • Justin Leonard: 12 wins in 583 events -- 2.06 percent
  • Steve Stricker: 12 wins in 459 events -- 2.61 percent
  • Dustin Johnson: 11 wins in 194 events -- 5.67 percent
  • Rory McIlroy: 11 wins in 111 events -- 9.91 percent
  • Jason Day: 10 wins in 184 events -- 5.43 percent

So that is something. Tiger's numbers are just preposterous. If he played as much as Davis Love III, he would presumably have 175 career wins. Of course part of this is staying healthy, which Love has done and Tiger hasn't. Also, there is no way Tiger could have kept up the intensity with which he played for 700 events, which is part of what made him who he was.

Rory's numbers are pretty awesome as well. He's the only active player with 10 or more wins that is even close to 10 percent. He is also helped by the fact that he is in his prime and someone like, say, Phil Mickelson is on the decline (he's not winning at the same clip he used to win at).

We also underrate the career of Vijay Singh. If you re-rank these by percentage of tournaments won, it would go like this.

  • Tiger Woods: 24.2 percent
  • Rory McIlroy: 9.91 percent
  • Phil Mickelson: 7.75 percent
  • Vijay Singh: 5.82 percent
  • Dustin Johnson: 5.67 percent

If you're wondering, Jordan Spieth is currently winning at a 8.16 percent clip which is right around McIlroy's.

Not all 10-win players are created equally though which is what I hoped to show with this chart. Justin Leonard looks like he's had a better career than Dustin Johnson on paper, but when you look a little closer, he has had not even close to the same career.