The Blue Jays won Tuesday in a record-setting game.
The Blue Jays won Tuesday in a record-setting game. (USATSI)

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Anyone else been sitting around thinking, "man, it's ridiculous how many games go to extra innings," as I have?

Yeah, that's not just anecdotal evidence. There have been 239 extra-inning games in Major League Baseball so far this season. In 2011, there were 237, which was the previous record-holder. Prior to that, the most games to head to extras in history in a season was 220, which was done in 1986, 1991, 2007 and 2010.

So four of the top six extra-inning seasons in history have come in the last seven seasons.

Despite the fact that we now have more teams and games in a season than any other in history -- and have since the Rays and Diamondbacks joined the league in 1998 -- that's still pretty remarkable.

The record fell Tuesday night when the Blue Jays and Orioles went to extras. The record then got some breathing room, as the Diamondbacks and Padres needed extra frames to decide things as well.

Not that it was surprising the D-Backs went to extras. They lead the majors with 24 extra-inning games this season. In fact, they also set a major-league record by playing in 79 extra innings, breaking the 1969 Twins record of 76.

"It feels like we played in 200 and some of those games," Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero joked (via Associated Press). "I'm not sure how you explain it, but I know that if you're going to play in a lot of extra innings games, it's a whole lot better to win them than to lose. It's tough when you lose a lot of them."

Following the Diamondbacks, the White Sox (23 games), Reds (22) and Mariners (21) have gotten lots of extra-inning action. Twenty of the 30 major-league clubs have taken part in at least 15 extra-inning games heading into Wednesday, while every team has taken part in at least 11 -- the Astros and Yankees have both played in exactly 11.

The best extra-innings records this year:

1. Indians, 10-2 (.833)

2. Royals, 11-4 (.733)

3. Diamondbacks, 17-7 (.708)

4. Braves, 12-5 (.706)

5. Dodgers, 10-5 (.667)

The worst:

1. Rangers, 3-9 (.250)

2. Mariners, 6-15 (.286)

3. Marlins, 6-13 (.316)

4. Tigers, 6-12 (.333)

5. White Sox, 8-15 (.348)

How about the Rangers' and Indians' spots? With the Indians bringing a one-game lead for the final AL playoff spot into Wednesday? Wow. That's rough for Texas.