Former All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth is now retired after a great 15-year MLB career. He didn't go into the offseason planning on retiring, and he actually ended up with the Mariners' Triple-A affiliate for 36 games before deciding to hang up the cleats for good. 

Werth appeared on Philly-area radio man Howard Eskin's podcast Tuesday (those interested should definitely listen to the whole thing if so inclined), and the part about Werth's offseason and spring leading to the Mariners was pretty funny. Here's a portion of the transcript (again, this is Werth talking): 

"I had offers in November and I was advised by my former agent to wait. Ill-advised, I guess. Spring training came and went and by about halfway through spring training, I felt like I should -- I trained all winter, I was ready for spring training -- so I took matters into my own hands. I called every team -- you'll love this one  -- I called every team but one to try and get a job."

"The team I didn't call? The Mets." 

"I wouldn't play for them." 

Classic! Werth spent four years with the Phillies and seven with the Nationals, so it sounds like he had a nice deal of animosity built up against the Mets during that time. 

Werth, 39, hit .267/.360/.455 (117 OPS+) with 300 doubles, 229 homers, 799 RBI, 883 runs and 132 steals in his career. He was a part of nine playoff teams, winning two pennants and the 2008 World Series as part of the Phillies. He's a career .251/.369/.524 postseason hitter with 15 homers and 30 RBI in 63 games. 

And he really doesn't like the Mets, apparently.