The hot topic in Major League Baseball has been pitchers being accused of using foreign substances. Following Wednesday's game against the Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets star Pete Alonso was asked about the foreign substance debate and took the discussion in a different direction. Alonso accused the league of tampering with the baseballs ahead of what is set to be a star-studded free agency class in the offseason. 

"The biggest concern is MLB manipulates the baseballs year in and year out depending on the free agency class," Alonso told reporters. "Oh, no, that's a fact. Yes, guys have talked about it. It's not a coincidence. It definitely is something that they did."

During Thursday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson believes that Alonso's comments are invalid, but could affect the league's upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

"This is simply not the case. I don't want anyone to take it seriously. The problem is other players see this. Fans see this and it gets them thinking about the big, bad owners and the big, bad commissioner. Keep in mind that there's a collective bargaining agreement that's about to be negotiated. The level of distrust between the parties is at an all-time high. We have to stop these statements that are being made by players, owners, the commissioner, and the head of the union because none of it is serving the purpose that we want as fans. The goal that we want is to continue to have baseball without a break."

The current CBA is set to expire in December and the MLB could have its first work stoppage since the mid-1990s. Samson believes that if players and owners keep making outlandish statements, the 2022 season could certainly be affected.