Ben Wallace '50-50' on returning vs. retirement

Ben Wallace may come back for another season. (Getty Images)

Ben Wallace had a pretty strong season last year at age 37. But he's been approaching retirement for a long time and it was thought that his last game was the Pistons' season finale. But like with so many athletes, it's never a concrete yes or no. And the Detroit Free Press brings word that Wallace is still on the fence about reurning for another season: 

Speaking with Richmond, Va., TV station WTVR, he said he is "50-50" about returning to the Pistons.

According to the report, Wallace was preparing to participate in a summer league he sponsors, and he indicated his performance would help him decide.

"I'll be out here," Wallace said. "How much of a player (he still is) remains to be seen."

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Tayshaun Prince recently said that Wallace is on the fence about returning. Wallace still has things he can teach the Pistons' younger core and can help the team with defense. He has plans for after his career is over, but he doesn't seem ready to walk away just yet. Usually when a player is done, he knows it. 

Wallace doesn't seem to know it. Not yet, anyway. 

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