According to Jay Williams, Crying Jordan may soon be a thing of the past. Screen Shot/@iHurdleTho

You can't check Twitter, Instagram or Facebook without seeing it.

That sad, desperate look on Michael Jordan's face plastered on top of everyone from Cam Newton to Kanye West.

This short video piece from 2 Point Lead analyzes the origins of the Crying Jordan meme, using interviews from ESPN analyst Jay Williams, SportsPickle's D.J. Gallo and AP photographer Stephan Savoia, who snapped the now-infamous photo.

When the conversation steers towards, "when will the Crying Jordan meme end?" Williams proposes an interesting theory:

"The only thing that can blow away the Michael Jordan sad face meme, is the Floyd Mayweather knockout meme. If Floyd Mayweather got knocked out -- knocked out to the point where he is ice cold on the ground -- I think that's the one meme that can just overwhelm the whole Jordan issue."

It's hard to disagree, considering the amount of traction the Manny Pacquiao and Ronda Rousey memes received.

Now we just need to find someone who can actually hit Mayweather hard enough to knock him out.

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