LeBron James shaved his head

Walk it off, Brandon Jennings.   (USATSI)
LeBron is going clean. (via Business Insider)

Breaking: LeBron James does thing. 

That thing is that it appears the four-time MVP is no longer fighting the good fight against male pattern baldness. 

Via Business Insider, on his recent "Witness History" tour in the Philippines, LeBron sported a new haircut. Which featured basically no hair. 

LeBron has always been pretty self-deprecating when it came to his receding hairline, taking all the jokes about his hair, or lack thereof, in stride. For example, LeBron tweeted this in 2011:

Question is, is it just a summertime buzzcut, or is this permanent? And if so, how does this impact his headband wearing? We all saw what kind of destructive force he was in Game 6 of the Finals when he lost his headband. 

These are big questions that need answers. 

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