Report: Knicks considering signing Lamar Odom

Can Phil Jackson save Lamar Odom's career? (USATSI)
Can Phil Jackson save Lamar Odom's career? (USATSI)

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ESPN reports that the New York Knicks are considering signing Lamar Odom for the remainder of the season next week. 

Odom of course played several seasons under Phil Jackson who just took over the Knicks with the Lakers. He was traded to the Mavericks in 2011, and then struggled through the year before being waived. He spent last year with the Clippers

Last summer, he was under significant scrutiny for what was reportedly a drug addiction. He was not signed this season, eventually going to Spain. He returned to the United States recently to rehab an injury. 

Would Odom help the Knicks? 

Usually this is where I hedge and say what he can bring while also bringing up the downsides. The point is to present both sides. I can't do that here. No, no he can't. They need youth, athleticism, and guys in good mental spaces to contribute. Odom hasn't shown any of that in the last four years. It would be great to see Odom land somewhere with stability and finish his career, but it's just not likely he can contribute. 

Odom will be 35 next season. 

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