According to reports, the 12 players selected for Team USA have been confirmed, despite many players choosing to stay home due to injuries or fears over the Zika epidemic currently going on in South America, along with other concerns over the state of Rio.

Here's the latest on who is headed to Rio and who is staying home for Team USA.


LeBron James: James' agent confirmed Thursday that he won't play in Rio. This means James will not be the first player to win three gold medals, and clearly leaves a huge hole on Team USA with the best player in the world out.

Steph Curry: Citing knee and ankle issues, Curry has decided to sit out the Rio Games, opening up a spot at the most contested position in the league.

Russell Westbrook: Westbrook removed himself from consideration earlier this month, citing rest and the best interests of his family.

Kawhi Leonard: According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, Leonard is not expected to play in Rio, which is a shame, especially with LeBron James sitting out the Olympics after winning a title with the Cavs.

LaMarcus Aldridge: The Spurs star told ESPN that a hand injury will prevent him from playing. Aldridge would have likely made a spot but isn't considered necessary.

Anthony Davis: The Unibrow had multiple surgeries at season's finish and will be unable to play. He was a key member of the 2012 team despite his age. The absence of his length and athleticism will be felt.

Chris Paul: CP3 had already told that he wouldn't play this summer before he broke his hand in the playoffs. Paul is another top point guard and an Olympic veteran who will be missed.

Blake Griffin: A quad injury will keep him out. Griffin was an awkward fit on the team, and it has enough forwards to replace him.

Kobe Bryant: He had been talked about as a legacy selection, but he later told reporters he's not interested in being anyone's mascot.

John Wall: He has been snubbed repeatedly by Team USA but is out for the summer after undergoing knee surgery. This would have been a great opportunity for him to make the squad and start.

Dwyane Wade: He was also not on the Team USA list and with his recurrent need for rest, it makes sense that he'll miss Rio.

Damian Lillard: Lillard has chosen to sit out due to concerns over his plantar fasciitis, according to multiple reports.

Chris Bosh: Bosh is still trying to resolve his situation with a blood condition that is threatening his entire basketball career and definitely won't play.

Derrick Rose: He was not listed on the Team USA list either, despite his 2008 and 2010 gold medals in FIBA competition.

James Harden: The Rockets star surprisingly elected to sit out, without citing reasons for the decision, though the Zika virus is assumed to be a concern.

Bradley Beal: Team USA could use a shooter, but Beal is also sitting out this round. Beal is a free agent this summer.


Kevin Durant: Durant confirmed Monday that he will indeed lead Team USA. Durant is the biggest star on the team, most likely.

DeMarcus Cousins: Cousins was the first player formally offered a spot on the team.

Jimmy Butler: He told the Chicago Tribune he'll play if selected, giving the U.S. a high-end defender who can also score. He was reportedly confirmed Thursday.

Paul George: Despite his horrific injury two years ago, George has decided to "give it a go" this summer.

Draymond Green: The All-Star forward has confirmed he'll play for Team USA, and likely play a big role given the team's absence of quality bigs.

Kyle Lowry: The Raptors star point guard will likely start given how few point guards are going to be available.

Carmelo Anthony: Though reluctant, Anthony has reportedly been confirmed for the team, and will be one of the few returning faces from the 2012 gold medal squad.

Klay Thompson: Thompson gives the team a dynamite shooter and two-way player.

DeMar DeRozan: The Raptors guard was a key part for the 2014 Worlds team and plays a position of need at shooting guard. He confirmed Thursday he'll join the team in Toronto.

DeAndre Jordan: The Los Angeles Times confirmed that with Drummond out, the Clippers big man will make the trip and be one of the few available centers for Team USA.

Kyrie Irving: One of only two point guards on the team, Irving took his time to decide after the Cavaliers won the title, but ESPN confirmed Saturday he'll play in Rio.

Harrison Barnes (?!): Barnes was chosen Saturday according to Yahoo as the final member, a stunning decision considering the talent left off, but the former Tarheel clearly caught the eye of the team with his ability to blend into a more talented team. It's Barnes' first Team USA selection.


Andre Drummond: He's big. He's healthy. He has been on the team before. This isn't tough. But it turns out Drummond is leaning toward not playing in Rio.

Kenneth Faried: The Manimal has struggled and is nearly out of the rotation in Denver ... but he was great for Team USA. He does exactly what Coach K wants and dominates the international competition with his athleticism and physicality, but in the end, the team went with more wing players.

Andre Iguodala: The Warriors vet has two gold medals, one from the Olympics in 2012, and played a key role on that team. He is a do-it-all, veteran wing. He would have been in line for two Olympic gold medals and his experiences with Team USA have left a positive mark on him. After two deep playoff runs at age 32, however, he may have wanted a break.

Kevin Love: He won the 2010 FIBA World Championships and a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, but his reputation is in the pits right now. He fits well with what Team USA wants to do, but it's not hard to justify their election to go with more athleticism and better defense.

Mike Conley: He had Achilles soreness which derailed his season and he's a free agent, so you assume he's out, but he would have provided a quality game manager The coaching staff loves him but he's always on the outs because of the depth at point guard, which is compromised this year.

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