VIDEO: Bucks Drake Hands

What is this you ask? Here's the quick backstory:

So this guy -- a Starbucks barista -- allegedly hit on this girl and pestered her into getting her phone number. And he sends her a text of a video of him touching his face to Drake's song "Hold On We're Going Home." It, uh, didn't work out for him. 

The video eventually went viral as the kid's say and kickstarted a meme of everyone doing it, and it was called Starbucks Drake Hands. 

(For completeness sake, the guy denies that's the way things went down, but whatever. The video is what it is.)

And now it's the Milwaukee Bucks' turn. Because get it? Take away the "star" part and it's Bucks Drake Hands. Clever people, those deer. 

The NBA is nothing if not relevant. From the Heat's Harlem Shake to this, the NBA just knows how to win the Internet. 

Also, Ersan Ilyasova, I think you're doing it wrong.

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