VIDEO: Dirk spoofs camel ad with 'Game Day' version

By now you’ve all seen GEICO’s “Hump Day” camel commercial, the one where the obliviously annoying camel parades around the office, asking what day it is. 

Its resonancy inevitably spawned a few "Hump Day" spin-offs within the sports world, including Illinois' hilarious rendition last week. 

But as great as those two spots were, the Mavericks’ creative team upped the ante, somehow managing to reinvent Dirk Nowitzki … as the camel. Really, what other animal would the shaggy-haired German conceivably be? 

The best part of the whole spoof is the video’s attention to detail, which opens with the exact same shot of Dirk waltzing into the office, sauntering exactly like his four-legged counterpart. Even Dirk’s laugh is camel-like. 

Good job, good effort, Mavericks.  

Here's the initial GEICO ad. Tell me Dirk doesn't walk like a camel. 

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