VIDEO: NBA 2K14 Developer Diary shows us gameplay improvements

The NBA 2K basketball franchise from 2K Sports is one of the top video game series for any sport and has dominated the NBA video game realm for a long time. Even before EA Sports had their hiatus with the NBA Live series, 2K was essentially grabbing a monopoly on the market with its unbeatable product. 

With EA Sports getting back into the game, 2K Sports apparently isn't letting up by any means with their improved gameplay and features. In this Developer Diary series 2K Sports is putting out to whet the appetite of the people eagerly anticipating the release of NBA 2K14 on October 1 for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, we get to see some of the upgrades in gameplay features.

It looks like instead of just a roster update with a couple of little bells and whistles, the 2K14 developers have looked into improving what was already the best product out there. Most importantly, it appears they've addressed the problem of getting to the basket far too easily in previous versions of the game. Unless you're puffing out your chest and playing on the hardest level, you could basically run a pick-and-roll or just isolate with an above average ball-handler and find your way to the rim.

Now, there should be proper resistance in getting to the rim and if you do your work properly and find a path into the paint, the overhauled shot blocking system is probably going to make it a lot harder for you to score if you try to get cute and just execute highlight plays. The idea of making the ball a much more lively component and not just something that's protected because someone is controlling the ball is a cool way to further bridge the distance between actual play on the court and video game gameplay.

Moving the system from just dropped percentages around the rim to video game versions of players acting independently depending on the situation is a great advancement for the gameplay.

If they can pull this off and the spacing issues are cleared up as the developers say, the dance of finding good shots and defending against allowing good shots will be a lot of fun when you and your friends pick up the sticks. This can only mean that Larry Sanders and Roy Hibbert are going to be monsters in protecting the rim in this game. Instead of everybody being LeBron James against a bunch of rookies, everybody will have a chance to be Andre Iguodala and a great scorer like Russell Westbrook in a lot of matchups.

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