VIDEO: Raptors' Patrick Patterson steals win from the Nets

The Brooklyn Nets had the ball, up one, and 12 seconds left in the game. All they have to do is take the foul, knock down a couple free throws at home, and get one defensive stop. If that happens, they win the game and pick up a big game on the Toronto Raptors in the Atlantic Division. Sounds simple, right?

Instead of executing that game plan, the Nets threw the ball away on the inbound pass. Patrick Patterson stole the pass in the backcourt and found Kyle Lowry. Lowry quickly got the ball back to Patterson, who knocked down the winning jumper. Instead of being 21-22 with a game behind the Raptors, the Nets are now 20-23 and three games behind the Raptors. 

That collapse wasn't epic but it was impressive.

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