Peter Tiernan

Offense may be more important than defense in NCAA tournament

Defense wins championships? Not necessarily, as teams that put up better numbers on offense are often the ones cutting down the nets.

Checking pulse of contenders with conference tournaments under way

NCAA tournament contenders can be sorted into statistical categories to see how much noise they will make in the tournament.

NCAA tournament myth-busting: Have we really achieved parity?

Even though there is no clear-cut favorite this year, history shows the tournament might not be as wide-open as some might think.

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The number of teams meeting the benchmarks of champions is dwindling as we approach tournament time.

Classifying coaches can indicate success in NCAA tournament

A taxonomy of tourney coaches reveals eight classes of experience and success.

Champ Check: Are we headed over the quality cliff?

Seven teams meet Peter Tiernan's 'champ check' criteria, and after the top teams are listed, there's a precipitous drop-off.

Dominant conferences often disappoint in tourney

When conferences have strong performances in the regular season, they often fall short of expectations during March Madness.

Champ Check: Seven make champ list, but are their offenses enough?

The list of teams meeting the Champ Check requirements has grown, but scoring gets a further examination.

Are bad losses harbingers of tourney doom?

Here's what a blowout loss in the regular season has meant to a team's NCAA championship chances.

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We learn all top seeds in the NCAA tournament are not legitimate contenders in the latest lesson of Bracket Science.

Champ Check: Only Indiana, Duke, Florida pass all tests

Six teams meet at least one of the three champ tests.

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Which NCAA tournament teams and coaches exceed expectations? Peter Tiernan has the answer in his latest Bracket Science 101 lesson.

Bracket Science 101: Nailing the basics

Wanna know the science behind filling out a great bracket? Peter Tiernan takes you on the first step of that journey.

Champ Check: Eight is Enough (Sorry Gophers, Buckeyes)

Peter Tiernan checked the data, and eight teams are currently checking all the boxes characteristic of a national champ. Minnesota and Ohio State are not among them.

Champ Check: Six have inside track to title

Forty-five days out from the NCAA bracket announcement, Peter Tiernan checks the data and tells you what teams have the right numbers to make a championship run.