Barry Zito's house must go!

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Giants lefty Barry Zito -- he of the $137-million-plus in lifetime earnings (and counting) -- not long ago put his Kentwood, Calif., home on the market. Now, Curbed San Francisco notes Mr. Zito has slashed his asking price by $1.72 million, which is the exact aggregate net worth of everyone I've ever met or will meet in the future, down to a tidy $9.775 million. 

Here's just a taste!

The link above has much more in the way of Zito-owned real-estate product at a price you almost certainly cannot appreciate.

Of course, if market conditions force Mr. Zito into the, say, $700 range and he agrees to pay the property taxes forevermore, then he and I might just have to have a high-level business discussion.


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