How to score free Marlins tickets

Marlins baseball -- plenty of seats available. For free. (USATSI)

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Over at the Miami Herald, Linda Robertson details just a few of the many teeming ways in which to score free tickets to a Marlins home game.  For instance, here are the lengths to which Sol and Mario Acevedo have gone:

For a game against the Phillies, the Kendall couple accepted four free tickets from the Wellmax van driver who cruises local neighborhoods and hawks giveaways to promote the medical clinic. The Acevedos parked at a friend’s house near the stadium and ate dinner early at home. They plan to do it again during the homestand that starts Thursday against the Cubs. ...

Another time, they caught up with the Radio El Zol van on Flagler Street.

“On air, they’ll tell you where the van is and ask you to bring a red lipstick or a $2 bill or a hammer or wear Marlins colors,” Sol said. “I got tickets by showing a picture of my kids.”

All of that is in addition to the various and sundry other ways to land Fish tickets. Again, Robertson:

Free tickets for test driving a new car or buying a pizza or visiting a museum. Cheap tickets with a Subway sandwich. Discounted tickets at Groupon, StubHub, UberSeat. Two-for-the-price-of-one bargains. Food vouchers. The Marlins have partnered with the Orange Bowl Committee and Miami-Dade County Public Schools and other entities to give away tickets.

None of this is particularly surprising, of course. The Marlins have a lousy on-field product and thoroughly loathsome owner, and they play in a ballpark that's little more than a gauche, pastel-colored totem to corporate welfare.

Indeed, since the Marlins rank last in the NL in attendance thus far in 2013, Robertson's reporting presents us with early evidence that they can't even give it away.

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