Nyjer Morgan does a video for PETA

Nyjer Morgan says a lot of crazy stuff -- but this time he's saying something important.

The Brewers outfielder has made a video with PETA with his cat, Slick Willie. Check it out here.

I remember writing a little something about his adoption of Slick Willie last year and remembered it during the NLCS when I made the daily trek from my hotel to Miller Park. One of the places I went by each day in the cab was the Wisconsin Humane Society, less than a mile from Miller Park, where Morgan got Slick Willie.

You can say a lot of things about PETA, and I don't agree with them on some things, but this is a worthwhile message, no matter the messenger.

In the end, it's just cool of Morgan to show his gratitude for his new friend, just like I love to tell people how much I appreciate the people of GO Boxer Rescue, where I got my dog. If you're thinking about adding a pet, please consider a rescue group or shelter, give an animal a better life -- and they'll give you one, too.
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