The New York Yankees have struggled with injuries this year and the impact those injuries have had was evident, as they were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays this week. David Samson discussed the severity of these issues on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

Samson leads with the question, "What's going on with the Yankees and why am I saying we have a serious problem? "

Looking forward into this season, Samson predicted players would be out and teams would be impacted due to COVID-19, but he did not predict what is happening now in New York."I did not think the Yankees would have the number of injuries that they're having again," he said.

Last year it was a tale of the "B-squad," and this year is proving to be more of the same, after the Yankees set an MLB record for the most players on the injured list in a single season in 2019.

Samson says with situations like this one, the team will always want someone to blame, but one route doesn't he see the Yankees going, is saying their stars are prone to injury.

"You're not willing to say that your superstars are injury prone. There's no way the Yankees want to say that Stanton's injury prone because he's got seven years to ten left. They don't wanna say that their great young player [Gleyber] Torres is injury prone ... what are you gonna do if you're the Yankees? Aaron Judge could be the face of baseball. Are you gonna give him a [Giancarlo] Stanton-like deal ... when he cannot stay on the field?"

Heading into this season, and after a hot start. Samson notes that there was positivity around the Yankees, but that has quickly turned into concern, and Samson explains how these issues lead to a sweep.

"[The Yankees] have a problem. And the problem that they're going to have is that they do not have the depth to compete with the A-team of the Rays," he says.

The podcast host commented that the Yankees depth is better than the Rays depth, but the depth is not better than the Rays A-team.

Looking ahead in the Yankees future, Samson says, "I think you're gonna see them make some personnel changes, because they're not going to be able to go with this core ... they're going to run out of patience."