The 2024 NBA Draft is less than 48 hours away, which means the pressure is mounting for teams to make the right decisions in both rounds. For a number of reasons this year's draft should be puzzling one, because not only is there not a consensus No. 1 overall pick or a considerable amount of depth in this class, but we might see a ton of picks traded as teams try to move up and down the board to best fit their needs.

In addition to there being so many questions leading into this draft, it's also the first time in league history that the draft will be held over two nights, with Round 1 happening on Wednesday, June 26, followed by Round 2 on Thursday. That break in time will allow teams more time to make decisions after the first round is over, which adds just another layer to what's becoming an onion in figuring out how this draft is going to unfold. As we prepare for the two-day event, here are the five most intriguing teams heading into the draft.

1. Atlanta Hawks

This isn't last year's draft. There's no Victor Wembanyama sitting on the board that is a no-brainer selection. A lot of current mock drafts have the Hawks selecting French forward Zaccharie Risacher with the No. 1 overall pick, but is that really the move they're going to make? The rumors about the Hawks potentially moving one of Trae Young or Dejounte Murray seem to be growing by the day, and maybe draft night is when that happens. Maybe the Hawks package one of their All-Star guards with the No. 1 overall pick to go star hunting in a win-now move instead of taking the best available player on the board. Or maybe they trade one of Young and Murray on draft night, keep the first pick, and pick up more assets along the way.

Whatever the move is for Atlanta, there needs to be some sort of change for a team that has been regressing since making the Eastern Conference finals in 2021, and depending on the move, it could give the team the reset needed to get this team closer to contention. 

2. Houston Rockets

The rumor mill has attached the Rockets to a handful of names that warrant varying levels of eyebrow raises. From Kevin Durant, Paul George and Jimmy Butler, to Marcus Smart and Brandon Ingram, it's clear Houston plans on making some sort of move this offseason. Maybe that happens on draft night. The Rockets hold the third overall pick, and while they could just take the best available player on the board, perhaps general manager Rafael Stone wants to use that pick to make a splashy trade. 

There are a handful of teams that have been trying to move up in the draft, which gives the Rockets some negotiating leverage. I doubt it yields something as lofty as Durant or Butler, but you'd be surprised how desperate teams can become when that draft night clock is ticking down before commissioner Adam Silver walks on stage to announce a selection. With all the reports circulating around the Rockets, it's clear they're leaning toward trading their pick, but for what is going to be the question on everyone's mind Wednesday night.

3. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs should have "W.W.W.W." written in big bold letters on a white board in the war room for draft night. What Would Wemby Want? That's the sole focus for San Antonio, and seeing how they try to add pieces around their prized Rookie of the Year will be intriguing. They've got picks No. 4 and 8, as well as the No. 35 pick in the second round, and you can bet San Antonio is going to utilize all three of them with the hopes of building a better team around Victor Wembanyama. 

The Spurs desperately need a point guard, and our latest mocks have them selecting at least one with a first-round pick. They're also in need of some shooting, so perhaps they use that No. 4 overall pick on Reed Sheppard, who is considered the best shooter in this draft, and has been getting a ton of draft attention leading into Wednesday. Or perhaps they parlay that sudden interest in Sheppard and force a team lower on the board who really wants him into a trade that could also help them in the process. There's multiple ways this draft could go for San Antonio, and as long as their roster after the second round is better than it is right now, it should be considered a win.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers found their next podcast host head coach, and now the attention turns to the draft. It would be insane if the Lakers took Bronny James with the No. 17 overall pick, right? There's no way they'd do that ... right? Well they just hired a guy with no coaching experience so I'd say anything is on the table for purple and gold when the draft starts. The reports are that the Lakers have the inside track on drafting LeBron's son in the second round with the 55th pick, checking off a box for LeBron in wanting to play in the NBA with his eldest son before he retired. 

But what if a team tries to jump the Lakers to take Bronny, and spoil that heartfelt moment? Like, say, the Celtics, who select one spot above them, and have a hated rivalry with the franchise. Or the Mavericks, who have been rumored to consider drafting Bronny. The Lakers might feel some pressure when their second-round pick arrives, and it could create a chaotic moment if L.A. does try to move up to get Bronny sooner.

5. Brooklyn Nets

OK, OK hear me out. The Nets are the only team in the league that currently doesn't have a pick in either round of this year's draft. And while that feels like it shouldn't qualify them for this list, it does make you question if they plan on jumping into the draft on Wednesday or Thursday. Brooklyn has been rather confusing in what its plan is, because despite a bevy of teams willing to throw a bunch of assets the Nets' way for Mikal Bridges, they've been adamant that they want to build around him. 

The jury's still out on if Bridges can be that guy, because despite a post-trade bump in production after being sent from Phoenix to Brooklyn during the 2022-23 season, he struggled to find efficiency last season, shooting 43.6% from the field, the worst since his rookie campaign. He still averaged nearly 20 points a game, but the Nets went just 32-50. That record isn't Bridges fault, but he was at his best when he was a complementary piece on a championship-contending team. Trading Bridges for some assets that include a pick in this year's draft could be Brooklyn's ticket to a full reset with the other collection of picks they already have from dealing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.