Brandon Knight jokes about getting dunked on by DeAndre Jordan

The dunk that took a blowtorch to Twitter and all social media platforms Sunday night is still getting reactions. Those who weren't paying attention to the sporting world or what was going on in the NBA, maybe those who were at a nice Sunday dinner with the in-laws or went to go see Oz the Great and Powerful during the evening, woke up to a steady stream of DeAndre Jordan lob reactions Monday morning.

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight didn't talk to the media after the game Sunday night and made a quick exit, but he had no problem joking about the lob heard 'round the Web when he got back on Twitter.

That's pretty much what you have to do, right?

He didn't get defensive about it. He didn't try to get macho about it and start yelling about how at least he challenged the lob and was playing defense. He just made a solid joke while laughing at himself and recognizing the firestorm of reaction that undoubtedly filled up his mentions. 

We already saw various players around the NBA react to the incredible play from the Los Angeles Clippers big man throughout the night, but this is probably my favorite reaction from anybody that isn't those kids in the video who lost their minds. Well played, Brandon; well played, indeed.

But ... what if he was telling the truth? What if the Pistons didn't have the Clippers throwing lobs in the scouting report?

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