J.R. Smith on getting married: 'Two rings, one year'

If you queried a serious NBA fan or most NBA media members with the question "Who's an NBA player that likes to party?" one of the most common responses would be Cleveland Cavaliers star J.R. Smith. The man has long made no secret of his penchant for the nightlife and the NBA rock star lifestyle.

Smith's public perception has started to change a bit this year. He's older, become a devoted father, and a December feature in GQ illuminated how despite the fact that he's still, you know, J.R., being in Cleveland really has changed him. To top it off, Smith put in the best season of his career last year, playing committed defense, knocking down a career-high number of 3-pointers and winning an NBA title.

To top off Smith's amazing year, he got married this weekend.

What more can I say...

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Smith also appeared in an "Uninterrupted" (a company of which his teammate and friend LeBron James is an investor) video with a pretty great line. "Two rings in one year."

It's important to stay away from saying Smith has "changed" because a) everyone changes as they get older, and b) Smith can become a better player, a family man and still be the same person. But it is nice to see a player embrace these good things in his life at the same time he's reaping such great career benefits.

J.R. Smith got hitched. Instagram

And just think, Smith was supposed to be a throw-in to the Iman Shumpert trade.

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