Sixers-Celtics Game 3: The Big Ticket to Hell

The Celtics woke up. 107-91 Boston.

After sleeping through Game 2 and suffering a loss to tie the series at home, the Celtics responded in Game 3, completely destroying the Sixers in a stretch from the second quarter through the end of the game. It was utter domination. And it was lead, yet again, by Kevin Garnett.

The Big Ticket scored 27 points on 17 shots, with 13 rebounds, 4 steals, and 1 assist. You can't say enough about what Garnett has done in this postseason, and honestly, if we're tracking, Kevin Garnett is the 2012 NBA Postseason MVP. He's bringing more to his team game by game than any other player in the playoffs all over. He's barking and destroying the hearts and minds of opponents and his turnaround jumper and mid-range J are unstoppable.

Not that the Sixers really tried. Doug Collins went to Spencer Hawes because of Lavoy Allen's foul trouble. Hawes, for reasons which should be studied by scientists trying to understand the definition of insanity, repeatedly left Garnett open from range. And Garnett dutifully knocked the shot down and ran back barking, as he has the past seventeen seasons. The Sixers committed no adjustments, and their offense seemed find with going through the motions.

At the 11:29 mark, it was 35-28. From that mark until the end of the third, Celtics went on a 61-31 run. In 21 minutes, they scored 61 and allowed 31. They ripped the Sixers' figurative spine out, ground it to powder, and then snorted it like kids with Pixie Sticks. It was ugly, but this time just for one team.

The Celtics are back in control.

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