Spurs point guard Tony Parker is well aware that his body doesn't work the same anymore now that he's 33 years old. The perennial all-star has been forced to change his offseason training routines in order to keep his body in peak physical shape, per mySA.com.

After last season's title run, Parker took more time off because of hoe grueling a championship run can be.

“I only took three weeks off,” Parker said, per MySA.com. “Very different from last year. Because I played so much, everybody was telling me I needed to rest after we won last year. I felt like I took maybe too much off. My mentality is a lot different. I feel like I have to rebuild my body and make sure I don’t get all the little inflammations, all the little injuries I had. I’m very excited about it. I’ve been working out since June 1 so hopefully it will pay off with Le Bleus and I will be in shape when I come in camp.”

But after this season, which ended with a first-round exit, Parker took little time off and adjusted his workout regimen.

“Just being on the track, lifting with our strength coach. I do some boxing; it’s fun. I never did a fitness program like that before. I talked a lot with Pop (Gregg Popovich) and RC (Buford) about what I can do to make sure I finish my career on a high. And so they know I’m committed, and I’ll do everything I can to be in shape, like Timmy. Timmy has been great at the end of his career, changing his preparation.

“I’ll do the same thing.”

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