VIDEO: Nick Young summarized in one shot

Nick Young, this is your basketball career. 

In the Lakers' blowout of the Knicks on Tuesday, the man that refers to himself as Swaggy P did the most Swaggy P thing he could do. With time running out in the quarter, he launched from deep, saw it was on line, and did the natural thing -- turned around to raise his arms before the ball went in. 

But like Yasiel Puig bat-flipping and home-run-trotting for a warning track out, Young's 3 rattled in and out, and he was left with zero points. It's pretty much the most Nick Young thing that Nick Young could've done. He's a good player -- he just thinks he's a little better than that.

Young actually played really well against the Knicks though, scoring 20 points in 19 minutes. That's 20 points. Not 23.

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