Monday Musings: What was Garrett thinking?

-- What the hell was Jason Garrett doing on the Cowboys' second-to-last drive? They had a second-and-1 at the Giants' 19. Why not run it, get the first down, and then go from there? Garrett had the Cowboys throw it three times, including one to the end zone, and the Cowboys were stopped on downs. That was a classic case of bad situational coaching, which is one of my pet peeves. I could see taking a shot, but then you have to get the first down. You can't put it on one fourth-down play. You can blame Tony Romo all you want for the loss -- and he deserves a bunch of the blame -- but this is about coaching. Mistakes. Turnovers. Bad calls. That's on Garrett. Owner Jerry Jones can't be happy, either. So much for kicking the Giants asses -- like Jerry once said.

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-- Andy Reid and Norv Turner might want to contact their local real-estate agents. Unless they have miraculous second-half recoveries, they will be gone. And Reid changed defensive coordinators during the bye week, and it didn't matter.  So does he change quarterbacks now? As for Turner, his team has lost three consecutive games, including scoring a grand total of two field goals in the loss to the Browns. Isn't he supposed to be an offensive wizard?


-- Todd Bowles or Juan Castillo? Does it really matter?


-- Is Nick Foles' time coming in Philadelphia? Should it?


-- So there is talk the Rams are interested in trading running back Steve Jackson? Of course, they are. He can become a free agent after the season -- the team's doing -- and Daryl Richardson is quicker and faster.  But who makes the deal?  And for what? You'd essentially be renting a player.  Plus, he's an aging back. It makes no sense. Nice try, Rams. He averaged 3.3 per rush against the Pats.


-- And there's also talk that teams are calling the Panthers about DeAngelo Williams. Why?  He's a back with a big deal, one that has an out after the season, but it makes no sense. There's just no value and no reason to give up the picks.


-- Williams ran 11 times for 33 yards against the Bears. Jonathan Stewart had 17 rushes for 42 yards. Once again, the Panthers didn't get much bang for their buck for their high-paid backs.



-- Whenever the Jets play, we always hear announcers slobbering all over themselves about Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff. Yes, he's had a nice career. But let's call him out for his units on Sunday.  They had a punt blocked for a touchdown, had a field goal blocked, the Dolphins recovered an onside kick and had a long return after a touchdown. It wasn't one of Westhoff's better days.


-- Of course Rex Ryan is sticking with Mark Sanchez. Have you seen Tim Tebow throw? Ryan's job is in jeopardy if they don't turn it around after the bye. You want your job hanging with a quarterback who can't read the field, has a bad motion and isn't accurate? Didn't think so.



-- Jets won't trade Tebow? That's a headline? What's he worth? Who wants him?


-- The Bears line was back to looking like the Bears line we've seen in recent years.  Carolina had six sacks, including three by end Greg Hardy. Chicago is 6-1, but that kind of play will come back to get the Bears in the second half if they don't improve.


-- Trent Richardson is starting to look like the back the Browns expected when they drafted him with the fourth pick. He had 133 yards against the Chargers, including an impressive 26-yard touchdown run.


-- The Chargers completed just four passes to wide receivers against the Browns. Think they miss Vincent Jackson?


-- Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert had the first 300-yard passing game of his career Sunday against the Packers. He did it playing with a torn rotator cuff. Still question his toughness? The Jaguars played a different style of offense against Green Bay without Maurice Jones-Drew. They were more up-tempo. Gabbert looked much better. One negative thing: Justin Blackmon has to do a better job of running his routes. He jogs too many of them.


-- Jaguars tackle Guy Whimper caught a touchdown pass.  He's a much better receiver than blocker. He's a spinning top in protection when he is in the lineup. PS: He might have better hands than tight end Marcedes Lewis, who dropped an easy catch against the Packers and hasn't had a good season.


-- Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is in a slump -- a big one. He seems to really be pressing. But it doesn’t help that his receivers have been dropping passes and the Bucs owned his line last week. Ponder's mechanics look off a bit, and he seems to be in a hurry to make plays. He needs to slow it down. He is a smart kid. He understands the passing game. Now he needs to let it happen in front of him.


-- Losing corner Chris Cook for eight weeks with a broken arm is a huge hit for the Vikings. He was really playing some good corner.


-- About time the Lions got second-year receiver Titus Young going. He had a big day -- more than 100 yards -- including catching the game-winning touchdown pass. With so much coverage rolled to Calvin Johnson's side, Young and Ryan Broyles, who also had a solid game, have to come up big for the Detroit offense.


-- Jonathan Dwyer is more proof that you can find backs anywhere. He had his second consecutive 100-yard game Sunday, rushing for 111 against the Redskins. Dwyer is a big, physical back. PS: Vick Ballard of the Colts is another one of those backs from nowhere who had a good game Sunday.




-- Jack Del Rio is doing a nice job with that Denver defense. His unit held the Saints to under 300 yards. That's getting it done.



-- Those Steelers throwbacks looked like prison duds. Can we please stop with these throwbacks -- unless it's the Chargers baby blues?


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