So much for the idea of Peyton Manning coaching at Tennessee or attempting a Brett Favre-esque NFL comeback.

Speaking to student-athletes at the Middle Tennessee Sports Awards in Nashville on Thursday night (according to the Denver Post), Manning didn't exactly lend any insight into what he's planning for the fall, when he'll finally have open weekends for the first time in two decades, but he did shoot down two popular ideas.

Manning doesn't sound like he wants to coach at his alma mater. He wants to be a fan instead.

He also won't be searching for a job in the NFL ... probably.

As a quick aside, Manning also said that he'd let his kid play football, despite the violent nature of the game -- a topic that's made some headlines recently, with Bills GM Doug Whaley saying this week that humans shouldn't play football (he later backtracked).

Given the success Manning saw for close to 20 years in college and the NFL, his stance makes sense from his perspective.