Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis has finally decided to replace the concrete with blue rubber padding. This after 49ers running back Reggie Bush and Browns quarterback Josh McCown suffered serious injuries in consecutive weeks when they were unable to stop their momentum on the concrete path next to the field at the stadium.

Bush suffered a season-ending torn ACL when he slipped on the concrete during the first quarter of San Francisco's loss to the Rams two weeks ago:

He reportedly plans to sue the city of St. Louis Sports Authority and Convention Bureau, through which the city owns and operates the Edward Jones Dome.

The week before Bush's injury, McCown was unable to stop his momentum on the concrete before running into a railing on the sideline:

The concrete surface surrounding the field had clearly become a hazard to the players, so here's hoping this rubber padding works out better for all involved.

St. Louis attempts to make its playing surface safer. (Twitter)