WATCH: Tim Tebow's new throwing motion doesn't look so terrible

Tebow's throwing motion is looking improved. (For The Win)

In just about a week, the Eagles will open up training camp. For Tim Tebow, the start of training camp signals the beginning of his battle to save his NFL career.

Though he has almost no shot to land as the Eagles' starter -- that battle will be waged between Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford -- Tebow is just looking to stick as one of the team's backup quarterbacks.

So, in order to give himself the best shot at surviving roster cuts this summer, Tebow completely reworked his throwing motion. And, suddenly, it's looking more normal than it has in the past. He actually kind of looks like, dare I say, an NFL quarterback.

Here's a video, via For The Win, of Tebow working on his revamped throwing motion.

As the video says, Tebow has been training at USC for the last 18 months, though his training there has been "on and off." He's also been training with former MLB pitcher Tom House.

Of course, looking good in practice without defenders is a whole lot different than looking good in practice against a real NFL defense. And even if Tebow passes the eye test in training camp, successfully completing passes in preseason action isn't a given. 

We're not quite at Tebow time yet. But on August 16, the Eagles open up the preseason against the Colts. Maybe then we'll catch a glimpse of Tebow's new throwing form in live action. 

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