Over at SportsLine, I wrote about my favorite pick in each round of Best Ball drafts. Here I'll expand on my favorite second-round pick, Falcons receiver Drake London. This is simply a case of betting on talent and feeling confident that upgrades at both quarterback and coaching staff will make all the difference in the world for London.

We have seen the talent with London, but his production has been limited with the quarterbacks he has played with these past two seasons. He still had nearly 1,000 receiving yards each of the prior seasons and six total touchdowns. But that is just scratching the surface.

This tweet sums up perfectly what London did with bad quarterback play. 

Now enter quarterback Kirk Cousins, a veteran who distributes the ball well to his playmakers. This is a massive upgrade for London and the entire Falcons offense. Not only will his yards improve, but his touchdowns should improve as well with better quarterback play and a team that should score more often.

Then look at the Falcons' new offensive coordinator Zac Robinson, who came over from the Rams. We know how the Rams offense has featured their alpha receivers with creative use of motion and schemes to get the ball in their playmakers' hands. London will be a major beneficiary of a creative play-caller upgrade.

I believe the Falcons will be a top-10 offense this season and we could be looking at London early in Round 1 next year. Let's take the discount and enjoy it this season.

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