Cricket player gets hit in groin multiple times during match while mic'd up

Having a microphone on you while playing a sport can lead to some pretty interesting commentary and quotes, but it adds another wild layer when you get hurt while mic'd up. Liam Livingstone was hit in the groin multiple times during a cricket match on Tuesday and it had him kneeling in pain. 

The injuries happened during a T20 cricket league match in Australia between Livingstone's Perth Scorchers and the Melbourne Renegades. The Scorchers won, but not without one of their players taking a few hits. 

The misfortune occurred more than once and on the third time he fell to the ground. Livingstone yelled "OH NO" as the second hit in one turn happened. 

During the broadcast one commentator said," He might not get up from this." The other commentator agreed adding, "He's not in good shape."

After grimacing and holding back laughs one person in the booth said, "Let's hope he's okay. It's not that funny."

After the win, a sideline reporter asked him, "How are the crown jewels doing?"

Laughing, he responded, "Yeah the second one was sore. I wouldn't advise getting hit in the same place twice... but I'm sure I'll get over it."

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