Could Stephen Curry (or any professional athlete from another sport) actually make it on the PGA Tour? Who knows, but we're about to find out how Curry stacks up against the minor leaguers of professional golf because he has accepted a sponsor exemption to play in the's Ellie Mae Classic on Aug. 3-6.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Curry is a 2-handicap, which is good but not close to as good as most of the golfers on any of the minor tours. 

"When I found out I was getting a sponsor exemption, I had a lot of emotions because I love to play golf; it's a passion of mine," Curry said, according to the Chronicle. "But to be able to play against the next and best golf professionals will be a huge honor and huge treat.

"I'm looking forward to hopefully not embarrassing myself, but mostly having a lot of fun and hopefully raising a lot of money for the foundation. … I'm going to try to keep it in the fairway."

Curry is obviously obsessed with the game and seems to be a fine player, but this has the potential to not go all that well. If he breaks 80 in either of the two rounds he plays at this tournament, it would be surprising. 

Still, it will definitely add some excitement to the Ellie Mae Classic, and maybe as reciprocation Curry should have to pick four players to win the NBA title with next season.